End of Summer: Eco Bucket List

by Guest Writer

1. Choose an eco-friendly DIY. Try at home teeth whitening, floral face wash, recycled tin can lanterns, or my favorite— orange candles!

2. Picnic in the park. A great way to relieve stress and savor some summer is to retreat to one of the gorgeous parks in NYC or one in your area. Bring along your compostable tableware and enjoy the Sun while it’s still here!

3. Bring your dog to a dog beach! Assuming I don’t need to sell you on how great the beach already is— this is a great option for you and your pup to spend some quality time together and he or she will love you for it. You will both have a blast as the boundaries of fetch expand into the sea and you join a community of other dog lovers with their best friends. (Tag along with a friend if you don’t have a dog!)

4. Buy flowers for your living space. Whether you’re spending your summer in a dorm, an apartment, or your comfy childhood home; treat yourself to some flowers! Arranged just the way you like, this will brighten up any space and radiate positivity!

5. Make a summer mixtape with your favorite songs. This is the perfect way to help you remember your summer. This permeates the songs to this moment in time. When winter comes, your memory of this summer will remain vivid and you’ll have appreciated it a lot more.

6. Go to the Farmers Market. Make the most of the seasonal produce while it’s here! This will also likely inspire new meal ideas and get you excited to snack healthy.

7. Make a point in wearing your favorite sundress or romper. Out to dinner, the beach, or any occasion, this is your time to wear all the clothes you can’t even imagine wearing when there’s snow on the ground— so wear them now!

8. Choose a project. Whether you are finally finishing your book or painting a masterpiece, get doing something you can feel proud of. Cleaning up your place is also  a great option, even if it doesn’t stay this way forever. It’s more about feeling renewed and improved. A side note: I’m not the best artist, but I was shocked at how much fun I had painting! Try it.

9. Get outdoors! Even if you aren’t the camping/fishing/hunting type, there is something for everyone in this gorgeous summer weather. Outdoor yoga classes, concerts, and movie screenings spark the excitement of what summer is about. A scenic bike ride or run is also a perfect way to feel rejuvenated.

10. Try something new. Try a cooking class, a new workout program, a juice cleanse, or ballroom dancing classes—attempt something that has always intrigued you! Perhaps creating a bucket list of your own is something you’ll try. Trying new  will motivate you to take advantage of each day before the summer ends.

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