Eco18 Questions: Sherrell Dorsey

by Leesa Raab

Each month we will ask a new eco-maven 18 questions about his or her life, occupation and advice for other like-minded people. This month we caught up with Sherrell Dorsey, the Organic Beauty Vixen.
1. What is your name (and age)?
Sherrell Dorsey aka the Organic Beauty Vixen, 25
2. What is your occupation?
By day I’m a social media marketing strategist for a content marketing firm representing national health and beauty brands. By night I take the world by storm with my company, Organic Beauty Vixen Media giving eco-glamour advice and preaching green beauty to lead the social change agenda on safe cosmetics, environmental justice and poverty elimination.
3. Do you have a “green” memory growing up?
My mom and I were avid thrifters and i remember visiting local consignment shops on the hunt for fashionable clothes and housewares. Now I practically live in the thrift store and make it my first stop before the mall!
4. What’s your favorite meal?
If I could eat sauteed asparagus and baked salmon every day I would. Being from the North West, we eat some of the best salmon around and I typically love to pick up my asparagus from the local co-op or farmers market. Yummmm…
5. Who/What inspires you to be more “green” in your life?
My community really inspires me to continue on this path of green living. Trees, grass, lakes, rivers, mountains and my overall daily environment are reminders of how precious the earths resources are to our well-being and if I don’t work to preserve them in my daily life, then I’m doing not just the earth but also myself a disservice.
6. Where on the “green scale” do you fall?
I’m a 20 baby! LOL. I still believe there is room for improvement but I do my best to recycle, compost, re-use, not live in excess, go organic and make my own products whenever possible.
7. What are the most rewarding and most challenging parts of your job?
When my readers and followers reach out to me, ask for advice, share their stories and accomplishments on going green or overcoming a challenge, I like to think that I had something to do with empowering them to live a positive life. With so much negativity in the media today, it’s always an honor for people to thank you for speaking life into their day.

My greatest challenges of my job / career are really trying to please everyone, meet deadlines and still have time to enjoy life. At some point I’ll find a way to clone myself but until then it’s 2 am emails and a google calendar that looks like a Candy Land board game.
8. Where’s your “greenspot”: food, bodycare/beauty, oceans, home or neighborhood, explain.
I’m an avid beauty lover. I love to pamper myself and find new ways of doing so. Whether I make myself a cucumber and egg white mask, soak in the tub and listen to my favorite Pandora station or simply paint on a red lipstick I feel most myself when I feel naturally beautiful.
9. Where do you turn for your news?
I’m all over the web constantly trying to stay on top of the latest news. Twitter is such an amazing resource of great people sharing information all of the time. I appreciate outlets like Organic Beauty Talk Eco 18, Natural News, Clutch Magazine, The New York Times and The Huffington Post that provide me with a wealth of information on a variety of topics throughout the day.
10. What is one environmental change you vow to make in the next year?
This year I’m seeking to make at least 60% of the food that I eat local. This means I’ll be present at more farmers’ markets ready to cook up some good healthy meals.
11. If you could trade places with one person from any time in history (past or present) for one day—who would it be and why?
I’d definitely trade places with Michelle Obama. I think that she’s a phenomenal woman with strength, intelligence and an incredible compassion for the welfare of the people in this country. Her initiatives in health and food are phenomenal and something I’d love to be part of.
12. You have a meeting with the leader of every country in the world. You have 30 seconds to tell them anything you want. Go!
Food justice and poverty must take precedence in the global agenda.
13. You have the chance to send one tweet to all the tweeps in the world. Let’s hear it in 140 characters, or less!
What have you given today? Changing the world starts with serving it’s people. Let’s be world changers!
14. If there was one industry/product that you could make more eco-friendly, what would it be?
Beauty of course! There are many “sustainable” beauty brands on the market but we still have to look at the production side of the industry and how it is affecting our planet. Water and chemicals are still used to create packaging and products and leaving an imprint that may be irreversible.
15. Where in the world would you most like to be right now?
I’d love to be in the Galapagos islands right now. I believe that it’s my Utopia.
16. What is the best book you have read recently?
I recently read The Alchemist after years of putting it off but it is definitely a life changer and a must read for everyone on the journey to finding their purpose on this planet.
17. What makes you cringe?
When people don’t recycle. Seriously! In Seattle we have a recycling can right next to the trash can and people STILL put recyclable materials into the trash. I’m watching you!
18. What do you want your legacy to be?
I want to be a thought leader that has changed the way inner-city communities operate as it relates to health and well-being. I want the content and resources that I create and support to become staples, not just ideas, in disadvantaged neighborhoods where going green, organic, healthy and sustainable are part of the norm.

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