Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

by Stephanie

It’s that one special day that everyone wants to share and receive something genuine from that special person in their life. Valentine’s Day is celebrated differently around the world, but generally the US custom has evolved around the idea of exchanging gifts with a loved one such as chocolates and cards. This Valentine’s Day if you’re looking for some trendy, unique, and eco-friendly gift ideas here are our top 10 ideas to choose from:

1.) Bubby and Bean’s Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards  – These cards are handmade, unique, eco-friendly, and made of 100 % recycled/unbleached kraft paper. Write a custom saying to your loved one making it one of a kind.

2.) Greencase iPad Bamboo Case – If your loved one carries around an iPad all day here’s an eco-friendly case that is made of bamboo and also has a magnetic on/off button to save the battery life.

3.) Devita Cappuccino-Cocoa Mud Masque – Here’s a gift for that chocolate crazed lover in your life. This face masque has a sweet chocolate and coffee scent and has 3 beneficial clays to leave your skin smooth: Montmorillonite, Kaolin, and Bentonite. It’s also 100% Vegan, Paraben free, and no GMO’s are used.

4) Solar Powered Electric Shaver – A gift for that special someone who wants to use natural energy. It’s powered by solar power so as long as there’s light the shaver can be recharged without using batteries.

5.) Shea Terra Organics Shea Butter & Malawi Sugar 2-in-1 Body Scrub Dark Chocolate – Here’s a dark chocolate body scrub from Shea Terra Organics that’s 99.7 % natural, 85% organic and made with organic chocolate liquor and all-natural vanilla extract. If you want to have your loved ones skin fresh and soft, this scrub will rid the skin of dullness and leave it smooth to the touch.

6.) The Body Shop’s Strawberry Gift Set – If your special someone isn’t into chocolate flavored goodies, here’s a fruity scent they should love. The set contains strawberry shower gel, scrub, body butter, lip butter, and a loofah. The Body Shop makes their products cruelty-free and this set features Community Fair Trade shea butter derived from Ghana.

7.) Farm Sanctuary Adopt a Farm Animal – Have an animal lover in your life? This Valentines Day sponsor a farm animal with a loved one and receive a personalized adoption certificate along with a photo of the animal you’ve sponsored. Help Farm Sanctuary’s efforts to help stop cruel practices against helpless farm animals.

8.) PACT Underwear – Want to give your loved one underwear that’s comfortable and organic? PACT sells underwear featuring unique designs made with soft organic cotton as well as non-toxic dyes and is packaged with eco-friendly kraft packaging. Throw in a pair of PACT socks – made powered by wind energy- as an extra treat!

9.) Raven & Lily’s Handmade Jewelry – These necklaces, earrings and bracelets are hand-made for a good cause. Founders Raven & Lily came together to help empower women around the world that live in poor conditions by giving them education, jobs making the products, and other types of medical help. The jewelry standards are eco-friendly and are apart of the fair trade standards.

10.) Organic Bouquet – If you want to steer the more traditional route with flowers and chocolate, Organic Bouquet company offers Valentine’s Day gifts such as flowers that are Veriflora Certified, grown with least environmental impact and eco-friendly.

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