Eco friendly disaster kit

by Guest Writer

It’s Disaster Education and Awareness Month. Natural disasters are something you can’t exactly plan for, but there are precautions you and your family can take to make sure you’re prepared when disaster strikes. In honor of this month, we’ve created a list of a few items that you can add to your eco friendly disaster kit. Let’s spend this month taking eco friendly precautions to help us and the earth.


1. Camp Suds

Showering after a natural disaster may be the least of your worries, but it’s still important to try and stay as clean as possible. Keeping clean can help fight off infections in open wounds and prevent catching an illness. These CampSuds are a great eco friendly option to stow away in your disaster kit. This soap is biodegradable and held in reusable bottles that are leak free, so it will be durable enough to last in your disaster kit.


2. Reusable Water Canteens

Water may not be available after a disaster, so it’s important to stow away a few reusable canteens filled with water. These canteens from Klean Kanteen are made out of stainless steel and are BPA free. They’re durable and could be helpful in times of dehydration or cooking/washing purposes.


3. Eco friendly Sleeping Bag 

If your home is destroyed in a disaster you’ll need something to help keep you warm and a place for you to sleep. This eco friendly sleeping bag is lightweight, waterproof and made out of 50 percent recycled materials. The sleeping bag also has glow in the dark zipper handles along with inner pockets to place emergency items for easy accessibility.


4. Lantern


If you’re caught with no power, this LED light will definitely come in handy. Not only is it designed to be waterproof, but it’s powered by a wind up, meaning no wasteful batteries. The lantern can last around 25 minutes on one wind up and has a red light setting to use as a signal in emergencies.



5. Stored Food

When disaster strikes, you may not know when your next meal is. Keeping compact, hearty meals that store for long periods of time is a great idea. Buying from Backpackers Pantry guarantees quality camping foods that will keep you full and give you energy. They also have gluten free, nut free and vegan options for those with different dietary needs.


This isn’t everything that you’ll need in your disaster emergency kit, but it’s a few items that should definitely be included! What’s in your eco friendly, emergency disaster kit? We’d love to know.


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