Eco-friendly coffee in NYC

by Guest Writer

New Yorkers run about 90 percent on coffee and about 10 percent on adrenaline from trying not to get trampled in the subway station at 8 am on weekdays. Seriously, getting to work is basically an obstacle course. If we’re being fueled primarily on coffee, we want the best of the best. For us, the best means 100 percent eco friendly and sustainable. Luckily, there are plenty of environmentally friendly coffee shops out there. Listed below are a few of our favorites:

Think Coffee

Environmental Impact:

Think Coffee has several locations around NYC. The trendy joint offers an array of coffee beverages as well as other drinks, sandwiches and breakfast foods. Think Coffee is known for being eco friendly by having all compostable packaging. Waste thrown away in store is picked up by Action Carting and is then converted into compost.

The company focuses in on having real relationships with farmers and ensures that no chemicals come into contact with the beans. Other than being eco friendly, Think Coffee donates 10 percent of their after-tax profits to a local nonprofit that engages the community by providing services to low-income families including child care, childhood education and teen programs.


Stumptown Coffee

Environmental Impact:

Stumptown Coffee is a memorable experience for sure. The company is a direct trade company, meaning no coffee or beans are bought in bulk. Instead, the company team personally visits coffee producers in 10 different countries, including Ethiopia, Colombia and Indonesia. They’re goal is to shoot for sustainability, and that they do.

As for the shops, there are two locations in New York City, as well as various locations in California, Oregon and Washington.


Birch Coffee

Environmental Impact:

Birch coffee has 6 different New York locations. Co-founders Paul Schlader and Jeremy Lyman both share a passion for coffee and helping others. The two use coffee as a platform in order to be of service to others.

The company focuses on service and sustainability. Not only do they sell quality coffee and mugs through their site, but they also sell biodegradable, pre-packaged coffee cups as well as knitted, reusable coffee cup sleeves. Savvy and sustainable, we like.


O Café

Environmental Impact:

O Café strives to bring customers personal experience while making sure what they’re drinking is eco-friendly and waste free. The company carries coffee from various places including South America, Brazil and Africa, while only using produce from local farmer’s markets in New York.

O Café’s products are packaged in compostable packaging, their utensils are made solely out of toxin free recycled birch wood and even their building is painted with recycled paint and lit by low consumption lighting. Their numbers? 90 percent compost, 7 percent recycling and only 3 percent waste. Now that’s the type of coffee we want to be drinking!


What’s your favorite eco friendly coffee spot in your state? Let us know! We’d love to learn more about companies moving towards being a more eco friendly business.

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