Can’t Miss TV Shows About the Environment

by Lauren Verini

Let’s face it, there are plenty of shows on TV that are mindless entertainment that we are all guilty of watching, even if it’s for the mere sake of zoning out for 30 minutes. Lately we’ve noticed more and more interesting shows popping up on TV with intriguing coverage about the environment and major issues like global warming and climate change. These shows are a great way to learn about the earth on which we live and important issues, all at the click of a button.

The first show we’ve noticed is “VICE”, which airs on Fridays at 11pm on HBO.  Trust me, it’s worth DVRing. This show is a news magazine series derived from the magazine with the same namesake that digs deep into startling issues going on around the world with a fearless approach. The show, which is in it’s second season, covers topics like the environment and global warming, as well as other issues like politics around the world, war and human rights issues. I’ve recently seen episodes about the melting ice in Greenland and how it’s melting at much faster rates than previously predicted, as well as a segment about the rising global sea levels. This show has a tendency to scare you but sometimes it’s necessary in order to realize just how serious some of these issues really are. You can check out their website for past episodes.

On a lighter note, you can check out “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey” with everyone’s favorite science guy, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. The show airs Sundays at 9pm on FOX and Mondays at 9pm on National Geographic. This 13-episode science documentary mini-series premiered last month and teaches viewers about the universe with a focus on science and covers topics ranging from evolution, black holes and the study of space and time. It’s a follow-up to the hugely popular 1980 series, “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage” which was hosted by Carl Sagan. The show gives you a better appreciation for the world you live in and makes you step back to realize there is a great big world out there, you’re just a tiny part of it.

Lastly comes “Year’s of Living Dangerously”, a brand new 9-episode documentary series premiering this Sunday, April 13 at 10pm on Showtime. This series is all about examining the human impact of climate change, from damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, droughts in the Middle East and carbon emissions from deforestation. The series is produced by some of Hollywood’s biggest producers like James Cameron, Jerry Weintraub and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and stars high profile celebrities as correspondents like Jessica Alba, Matt Damon and Olivia Munn, to name a few. This is a must-see TV moment for anyone and everyone who is interested in learning about climate change and how it’s affecting our planet (which should be everyone), and what we can do about it.

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