Be kind at Work: How Can We Become Kinder Employees

by Guest Writer

We think is important to create a healthy and fun environment at work because some of us spend more time with our coworkers than we do with family and friends. When it comes to making your job a better place, simple acts of kindness can go a long way. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you interact with your colleagues!

  • Remember to be a team player 

We all want to think we are “team players” but are you really?  When was the last time you helped a co-worker who was stressed? We get it, the days move fast and we all have so much to do so it’s easy to put our heads down and worry only about our own stuff, but remember that just like you sometimes want help – others may need the same from you.

  • Say Thank you more often 

Be polite. Only because people are being paid to do a job doesn’t mean you don’t get to be nice. Get in the habit of saying thank you and you’ll realize how quickly people return the favor.

  • Avoid Gossip

In general,  avoiding gossip is a good idea but especially at work. The rule of thumb is, if you don’t want people to talk behind your back then don’t talk behind theirs! Plus, it creates bad energy and who wants to work in that environment?!

  • Spread Good Cheer

You don’t have to be in the perkiest of moods every single day ( you’re allowed a bad day!) but from time to time maybe surprise your colleagues by baking cookies or sharing a light, humorous card for a co-worker who seems to be a bit down.

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