All-Natural Condiments to Keep Food Tasty

by Sammi Richardson

Have you ever stopped to think about how boring food would be if it weren’t for condiments? That burger without ketchup would be very dry and your favorite hot dog wouldn’t be the same without the mustard on it. However, the same way we look at the ingredients in our food—whether you look for organic, all-natural, or just to make sure there are no additives—the same process should be taken with your favorite condiments. If you read the label on most popular condiments, well, you probably would feel like you were reading another language. For that reason we have done some research into where you can find your favorite healthy condiment alternatives.

1. Ketchup–The bright red ubiquitous condiment that nearly everyone loves is delicious on French fries, hamburgers, steaks, eggs and much more. However, did you know that ketchup has very high levels of sodium and sugar in it, among other unnatural ingredients and fillers? Most people wouldn’t associate Dean and Deluca with producing ketchup, but they have created an all-natural ketchup that is sure to please. This condiment contains no high-fructose corn syrup, just all-natural tomatoes, vinegar, seasonings and sugar. All of this combines together to create a naturally delicious flavor. (6.50/at Dean and Deluca.)

2. Mustard–Mustard goes well with certain sandwiches, drizzled on hot dogs or other favorite foods. Annie’s Naturals, one of our favorite food companies makes organic yellow mustard that is creamy-textured with tangy white vinegar and spices. It is all-natural and USDA and Oregon-Tilth certified organic. The mustard is free of added sweeteners or artificial colors too. Another great bonus is that it is vegan, gluten free, soy-free and dairy free—so those with various food allergies should have no issues. Regular mustard has a high amount of sodium and unnatural additives. Thanks to Annie’s you can enjoy your favorite sandwich again knowing that the mustard is natural and healthy. ($3.39/at Annie’s.)

4. Barbecue Sauce–This smoky condiment gives chicken, and other poultry a huge kick of flavor. It is a low-fat alternative to other sauces, but beware of the high amount of sugar. Organicville, offers a large variety of organic sauces, condiments and dressings including an all-natural original barbecue sauce that you can feel confident in consuming. The sweet and smoky sauce pairs a sweetness of organic tomatoes with the savory hint of spice. The sauce is USDA certified organic, gluten free, vegan and contains no added sugar. This is one sauce that will give your foods the flavor they deserve! ($5.29/at Organicville.)

5. Soy Sauce–This salty, sweet and tangy sauce adds an Asian flare to any food. Some don’t realize that this condiment contains gluten and a high amount of sodium too. Yamasa, a leader in Asian food items has a soy sauce that is made with less sodium. It is naturally brewed and contains no preservatives. This sauce has the same great flavor that you’re used to, but now you can enjoy it with less guilt. (3.49/at If you’ve been searching for a gluten-free soy sauce and haven’t had much luck, we have a great one for you! Wan Ja Shan has produced an organic and gluten-free soy sauce. The condiment is naturally brewed and has no preservatives or artificial additives. The ingredients of the soy sauce are water, organic whole soybeans and salt. The sauce is aged for a year and afterwards you receive nothing but rich, full-flavored soy sauce. Use this sauce as a marinade to create wonderful flavor for chicken.  ($3.70/at

What are some of your favorite condiments that you eat on a regular basis? Let us know below in the comments. We bet that you could easily make the switch to a natural, new favorite!

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