A Super Food a Day Keeps the Doctors Away

by Guest Writer

You know what they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? While an apple a day is good as well, let’s start a new trend. How about trying a new super food a day! (Or at least every week) A super food is defined as a food that’s calorie scarce, but nutrient and antioxidant dense.

Here at eco18 we’ve developed a plan for the next week. How about trying it with us!




Sunday (Shiitake Mushrooms)

Start your super food week off right with this easy and affordable super food. ¼ of a pound of Shiitake mushrooms offer as much Vitamin D as a glass of milk. Vitamin D is essential for strong and healthy bones. Sautee them, add them to your Sunday brunch omelets, or even slice them and eat them on a salad raw!


Monday (Gogi Berries)

These little guys may be intimidating to some, but trust us they’re delicious. A native berry to China, these berries are filled with benefits. In the past, gogi berries have been known to help treat high blood pressure and vision problems. Make a mix with dried gogi berries and dark chocolate to bump up the antioxidants!

Tuesday (Chia Seeds)

Chia what? Chia seeds are actually a part of the mint family, but they don’t exactly taste minty. These tiny seeds offer a significant amount of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B. When placed in liquid, a gel-like substance forms around them making an interesting, but fun texture. Chia seeds can be put in yogurt, smoothies, atop of cereal, or even in seltzer water to make an out of the ordinary, vitamin filled drink.


Wednesday (Watercress)

Watercress is a small leaf with a big, and somewhat peppery taste. These leaves are great for a salad, or a green juice to give it a little kick. Watercress contains a high percentage of vitamin K, antioxidant flavonoids, and phytonutrients. Phytonutrients have been known to fight off and prevent diseases.

Thursday (Acai Berry Juice)

Acai berries are filled with amino acids and a ton of antioxidants! The pulp and juice is not only delicious, closing resembling cranberry juice, but has also been proven to aid in weight loss and digestion. Check your local grocery store with pre-juiced Acai drinks, or find free-dried Acai berries for a sweet snack during the day.


Friday (Barley)

Barley is a cereal grain with a pasta like consistency. It’s perfect for soups and stews! It’s also filled with plenty of fiber and phytochemicals that work towards a healthy heart. Barley was also one of the first cultivated grains, pretty cool right?

Saturday (Seaweed)

After reading that, you’re first reaction was probably “ew, gross!” But seaweed is a lot more than that thing that brushes up against your leg at the beach and scare you to death. Seaweed is packed of antioxidants and benefits. It’s known to aid in weight loss, to help alkalize blood, neutralizing over-acidic effects of many diets. Try it as a crispy snack, or a crunchy topping in your rice!

Go ahead, give super food week a try. We promise, going a day without an apple won’t send you to the doctor.

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