A Letter from the Founder: Happy Second Anniversary Eco18.com!

by Sue Taggart

It’s hard to believe that Eco18 is turning two!

It has certainly been a tumultuous year for planet earth–floods, fires, tornados, terrorist attacks–the list goes on. But, is all this happening in the normal cycle of events or is it part of the climate changes our planet is undergoing. As this is such an important topic with opinions and heated discussions raging, we have decided to create a Climate Change section on the site to deliver the latest information from a collection of experts and trend spotters. We would love to hear your opinions and observations from your local area.  Are you experiencing changes in weather patterns that are more extreme than ever before?

The importance of biodiversity to our planet cannot be underestimated. The  number of species of plants, animals, and microorganisms as well as the different ecosystems on the planet are all part of a biologically diverse Earth. While we recognize the importance of nature and its biological diversity are we doing enough to conserve and sustain the delicate balance? Many believe power, greed and politics are affecting the precarious nature of biodiversity on our planet, do you agree?

Determining the most urgent global environmental issue is somewhat subjective. From climate change, to loss of biodiversity to air quality, these issues are all pressing and so dramatic in scale that they seem too daunting to tackle. Without political and social support across the globe nothing will be done.  That is why we continue to encourage you to make small changes every day.  Enough people making a committed effort to our planet on a daily basis will have an impact.

Change is not always easy, it’s not always convenient, but when the stakes are so high it is necessary.

So as we move into our third year, we will counting to bring you news and views on ways to help sustain this beautiful planet of ours…..it’s only on loan, we do not own it, it’s a privilege to share it with the millions of species that inhabit it with us. Let’s try to live in harmony and actively seeks ways to sustain and nurture our environment, nature and our relationships for ourselves and the generations to come.

Sue Taggart

Founder Eco18

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