18 Questions with Elf on the Shelf


The Elf on the Shelf is there to keep an eye on the kids and let them know Christmas is coming, but we decided to ask Elf if the kids have been nice to the environment. So, we tracked him down. We came across Max, at least that’s what this little elf sitting on the mantlepiece told us his name was and we asked him our 18 Questions.

  1. What is your name?

Max the Elf on the Shelf

  1. Why are you sitting on the mantlepiece? 

I’m checking up on the kids to see if they have been naughty or nice

  1. Can you tell if they have been nice to the environment or not?

Oh yes, I can see everything they have been up to all year long

  1. Really, so what is the naughtiest thing they have done?

Oh, there’s so many, where to begin! One really bad thing is all the plastic straws they love to use.

  1. And what else?

When they go to the beach they leave all their empty plastic bottles lying around, so that when the tide comes in they are swept into the ocean.

  1. What should they be doing then?

Well, there are lots of eco-friendly straws, they should let their parents know about them, or stop using straws altogether, they really don’t need them. And as for their bottles on the beach…PICK THEM UP AND PUT THEM IN RECYCLING BINS… I mean really, how hard is that!

  1. That’s really good advice Elf, oops, sorry Max. What else?

Their toys…they have so many and they get really bored with them so quickly. But there are lots of other children who don’t have many toys, so they should ask their parents to donate them rather than throwing them away…recycling is a good thing!

  1. What about the clothes they grow out of?

Same thing, their parents can donate them too.

  1. What are some of the things they can do at home?

TURN OFF THE LIGHTS WHEN YOU LEAVE A ROOM. As I go from house to house, the lights are blazing in every room and there’s no one there. Such a waste! 

  1. A waste of money too. Anything else.

Yes, water. They always leave the taps running. They are so spoiled. In many countries,  children have to get water from wells, they don’t have running water in their homes. When you have to  carry water home, every day, you are really careful how you use it.

  1.   Do you have some tips on saving water?

I do, here are some:

  • When you are brushing your teeth, don’t leave the tap running. Put water in a tumbler to rinse with, or just turn on the tap when you need it.
  • If you are helping your mom wash up, fill the sink with water rather than keep the water running while you wash the dishes.
  • You can use “grey water” from your bath to water the plants.
  • If you see water leaking from a faucet, tell your parents. They can fix it and save water
  1.   Great ideas Max, now what about food, some kids are really picky eaters and waste a lot of food?

Oh yes, don’t get me started. Do you know how much food is thrown away?  Here in the US  alone over   

$165 billion, YES,  BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of food is thrown away every year. Just think about that. We could

feed the world with all that food. So, children, every time you throw away food, think about  

throwing away your pocket money. You wouldn’t want to do that would you?

  1.   And paper too, it takes so much energy and so many trees to make paper, yet we treat it like it’s nothing

Yes, that’s true. It takes one tree to make 16.67 reams of copy paper or 8,333.3 sheets. So, use both sides of a sheet of paper and recycle used photocopies – you can use the unprinted side to write or draw on.

Better yet, ask your parents and your school to plant a tree every time they use 16 reams of copy paper.

  1. This time of year, so much gift-wrapping paper is thrown away.

Reuse it I say. I know it’s fun to rip off the wrapping paper, but if you unwarp your presents carefully the paper can be reused, so can all the decorative ribbons and bows. And, the front of used Christmas cards can be donated to certain charities.

  1. That’s really cool, kids can really make a difference

Yes, they can. Many children have started their own recycling programs at school. There’s lots of information online, here’s just one link they can check out.


  1. Any other ideas.

WALK MORE. It’s great exercise, it gets you outside, it’s good for you and it saves energy. Better still get the whole family walking!

  1. What do you want kids to remember about being environmentally friendly?

It’s simple…you can make a difference… and remember every little act adds up to a big act

  1. Well, that’s great advise and now we’ve reached our last question Max, what does Elf on the Shelf want to say to all the kids out there?

Have a Very Merry “Green” Christmas and make a New Year Resolution to be nice to the environment. Remember,  I’ll be watching you. See you next year!!

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