5 Eco Organization to Donate To During the Holidays

by Rachel Collins

During the holidays we can get caught up with buying material goods…but how about donating to a good cause in the name of someone you know instead! Here are five eco-friendly organizations that would be beyond thankful for your donation this holiday season!


  • The Global Footprint Network strives to create a sustainable environment across all industries. This organization works with clients to understand the size of their ecological footprint and offer assessments that will educate them to implement more sustainable practices. Donate here
  • The Environmental Working Group is a leading advocate devoted to public health. EWG works to educate and empower consumers allowing them to make safer, more informed decisions about the products they use in their daily life (including pesticides in food!) EWG’s impact is causing companies to improve their ingredients for the consumer’s benefit. Donate here
  • The National Resources Defense Council works to protect the Earth and all of its inhabitants, including the natural systems that all life depends on. Donate here
  • The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization that aims to rebuild forests and promote healthy agricultural practices.  So far, the Rainforest Alliance has active sustainability training across 76 nations. Donate here 
  • The Marine Conservation Institute works with scientists, politicians, government officials, and other organizations to create innovative solutions to handle pollution in our oceans. Donate here