Easy DIY Terrariums To Make During Earth Week

by Stephanie

Spring is finally here! After the brutal winter we had, it’s time to get involved with some fun, DIY crafts that can be used for decorating spots in your home that need a little more greenery.  DIY Terrariums are fun and easy to do and you can make them as simple or as elaborate as you like, all while making your own small jungle in a glass.

Here are some basic tools and steps to take to start making your own terrarium:

What you need:

1.)   A glass bowl, vase, or mason jar (large or small)

2.)   Perlite/charcoal

3.)   Pea Pebbles/rocks

4.)   Plants that grow well together/compliment one another

5.)   Cover soil with moss or decorative pebbles/ornaments


Basic Steps:

1.)   Choose a decorative glass bowl, either open or closed, to use as a base to hold the terrarium together. I suggest picking a theme for your terrarium before choosing which bowl fits best for what you want to accomplish.

2.)   Cover the first layer (the bottom of the bowl) with an inch of a mixture of pebbles and rocks to create a draining system for the terrarium.

3.)   Next, put down a thin layer of charcoal–this will help prevent bacteria and mold growth.

4.)   Add a layer of plant/potting soil. If you want to make your terrarium more colorful, add some colored sand to this layer as well.

5.)   Add plants to the terrarium, the largest ones first and the smaller plants surrounding them. Some unique plant ideas are: Cacti, Succulents, Spider Plants, Mini African Violets, Button Fern, Mint, Scottish Moss, Irish Moss, Golden Club Moss.

These terrariums can become addictive once you realize how fun, easy, and adorable they can be. There’s minimal upkeep–if it’s an open container you will need to lightly water it once or twice a week to keep the plants fresh. These crafts can be done with family and friends and are the perfect eco-friendly activity!

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