10 Best Ways To Conserve Energy at Home

by Nick Livermore

With winter upon us, the average American home tends to use more energy. With a few simple tweaks it’s possible to cut down on the amount of energy used at home, which will put more money in your wallet and reduce your home’s carbon footprint in reducing your dependence on energy and other resources.

Below, we outline ten surefire ways to conserve energy around  your home. Most of these are one-time changes, meaning that once you implement them the energy savings will last forever.

  • Install low flow taps and shower heads – with modern technology you won’t even notice the pressure difference, while many people love the vibrating sensation of the shower heads.
  • Winterize your house – there are lots of ways to preserve the heat within your home, including these great ways to stay  warm over the winter and cool over the summer.
  • Replace your lights – another really easy way to cut down drastically on daily energy use. Flourescent lightbulbs use roughly one quarter of the energy of an older-style incandescent bulb and last ten times as long!
  • Wash your clothes in cold water – your clothes won’t know the difference, we promise.
  • Energy Star – Whenever you buy appliances and electronic goods, look for the Energy Star – a government backed agency that mandates energy efficiency.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – This goes without saying, but an alarming number of homes still don’t recycle – particularly at an optimal rate. Buying specific ontainers for different recycles makes it easier for the whole family to abide.
  •  Thermostats – know the optimal temperatures for your heating and cooling systems (68 in the winter, and 78 in the summer).
  •  Transportation – Use public transportation or carpool when feasible, and be mindful of fuel economy when purchasing a vehicle.
  •  Pay your bills online – Most banks and utility companies now offer paperless statements. Think how large your stack of bills would amount to over the course of the year. Now think how much extra space you will have in your home. Just don’t forget to pay!

Any other advice, let us know in the comments below.

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