Beauty Roundup: Freshen Up Dry, Winter Skin

by Sammi Richardson

Winter is a season that most people don’t look forward to. The harsh winds and the bitter cold air don’t bode well for keeping skin moisturized and hydrated. Winter air can very easily make your skin dry and cracked, which becomes extremely painful. Thankfully, products targeted for dry winter skin exist and are ready to help.

It’s important to keep your skin moisturized at all times during the winter. I know everyone loves products that smell good, but you should actually look for products with light fragrance, as they can be very drying to skin. I have some winter skin favorites that I’d love to tell you about.

A great way to keep your skin hydrated during the winter is with NouriShea’s body crème. The body crème is a perfect blend of 100% USDA organic shea butter, natural moisturizers and essential oils. The high amount of shea butter is great for keeping skin moisturized even during the driest months of the year. Unlike many other shea butters that leave the skin looking and feeling greasy, NouriShea body crème absorbs quickly, leaving behind smooth and soft skin. (Prices vary from $15-$21.75 at

If you’re looking for a nourishing serum, I can point you in the right direction. Myrtle Leaf’s Organic Nutrients Hydrating Serum is another fabulous winter-skin essential. This .5 oz product comes in a small pump that is convenient for throwing in your purse or storing in your medicine cabinet. It features organic green tea, mushroom, pumpkin, blueberry and raspberries combined with oat and rice peptides and hyaluronic acid (which is a substance that occurs in the human body that is essential for regulating cell growth). The hyaluronic acid helps with cellular integrity and rehydrates the skin. This product is key for healthier skin and also smells great! ($34 at

A favorite of many women is a facial mask. A mask helps to remove impurities in the skin and leaves behind a cleansed, moisturized face. A fantastic clay mask that I would suggest would be Nature by Canus’s—an all-natural moisturizing clay mask for normal to dry skin. The clay minerals in the natural mask promote increased hydration of the skin, remove toxins from your pores, and of course moisturize dry, tired skin. This mask features fantastic moisturizing ingredients such as goat’s milk, jojoba oil, aloe vera, and shea butter to make your skin extra nourished and soft. It is free of phosphates, parabens, colors, fragrance, sodium lauryl sulfates, and gluten. Using a mask is also a great way to relax too. ($15.99 at .)

Exfoliation is key during winter! It’s important that you renew and keep your skin hydrated when it’s cold out! Kiss My Face offers a great organic jojoba and mint facial scrub. The product is non-drying and gently exfoliates and purifies skin by removing dirt with organic jojoba beads, natural and organic herbs, and plant oils. Thankfully the product is free of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, artificial colors, fragrances, and animal ingredients. The scrub is perfect for all skin types and will brighten and rejuvenate your tired winter skin with ease! ($15 at

Any of these products would be fantastic for storing in your bathroom shelf or cabinet during the winter. They will keep your skin healthy, moisturized and looking fabulous!

Do you have any favorite natural skincare products that you recommend for keeping winter skin at bay? We’d love to know!

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