When the Holidays Aren’t Happy

by Guest Writer

Happy Holidays, may the calendar keep bringing….Happy Holidays to you!


The holidays are here and the streets and stores are filled with Christmas trees, jingle bells, and signs and billboards filled with sales, deals and steals from shops near and far.


But, are sales and shopping all that the holidays are about? Or are we focusing too much on those deals, and forgetting what’s really important during the holiday season?


Here at eco18, we’ve worked together to create a list that focuses less on the commercialized version of the holiday season, and more on things we can celebrate and be grateful about regardless of the money and gifts.


1. Small Things


Sometimes, especially around the holidays, money can be tight, and buying every single person you love a gift isn’t always feasible. So instead of feeling guilty or inadequate, give the gift of you. Spend time with them, instead of money. Come up with simple and small things that will give them pleasure and give your time wholeheartedly. From a walk in the park, to a coffee and chat, renting a movie and bringing popcorn, or simply giving them a call with your undivided attention. Finding pleasure in the small things can make the world of a difference during the holidays.


2. Health


Whether your health is great, or constantly being challenged, be grateful for the fact that your health can be very much in your hands. Indulge in health conscious food, and truly focus on intuitive eating to treat your body right this holiday. Since you have the extra free time, try working in a few exercises when you’re lounging at home. Be thankful for your body, and show it some love.


3. Loved ones


You know the saying “family isn’t always blood?” Embrace that saying this season and spread the love to all of your friends, family and coworkers. Don’t have a lot of family or friends in your area? Show a little love to everyone! A friendly smile, and a “how are you?” can brighten anyone’s day.


4. Nature


Who needs decorations when nature decorates our Earth no matter the season! Head out for a walk, or a drive, and take in the world around you. Bring a notebook with you and take notes of every color, shape and texture you see. What color are the leaves? What do you smell? What animals are wandering, or flying around? Nature needs no decoration, because it’s beautiful in and of itself. Make sure you’re not missing out on that beauty.


5. A Fresh Start


If you’re still feeling down about small, or big things, during the holidays, keep in mind that a new year brings a chance to start fresh. Create a list of goals ad dreams, not resolutions—from something small like staying more hydrated, to something huge like starting a new job. Write down every single one and spread them around your home for inspiration. The promise of a fresh start can make the world of a difference.


Happy Holidays from us, to you.

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