What is Arbor Day?

by Guest Writer

Many of you may be wondering, “What the heck is Arbor Day?”

Arbor Day is a holiday in various countries where trees are celebrated and people are encouraged to get together and plant them.

The first Arbor Day took place in 1872 in Nebraska. Journalist Julius Sterling Morton believed that Nebraska’s landscape and economy would benefit if everyone would get together and plant trees, Later, Morton was given the opportunity to be on Nebraska’s state agriculture board. He proposed the idea of Arbor Day making it a holiday dedicated to planting bringing awareness to the importance of trees. Needless to say, it still be celebrated it 2015, it was a tremendous success.

Trees are important for many reasons. Trees produce oxygen, help stabilize soil, clean the air and help slow storm runoff. With more trees we can make our world a cleaner place, so let’s all try and plant a tree this Arbor Day!


How do I know where I can plant a tree?

Glad you asked! Here are a few resources that can help you figure out where you are allowed to plant trees, groups you can join to plant trees together and the best type of tree to plant depending on the climate you live in.

Celebrate Arbor Day by getting out there and planting a tree! We will be!

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