Trending in Beauty: The Farm Stand

by Leesa Raab

While perusing your local farmer’s market on the weekends, it may be time to look for more than just what veggies are in season, as it is expected that many color and scent trends are being inspired by the farm stand. We had the opportunity to attend a trends forecast launch party  hosted by Drom Fragrances and the Color Association of the United States (CAUS), at the Drom loft in New York, where they unveiled the fall/winter beauty trends forecast for 2013/2014. And sure enough, among the list was Farm Stand. The Farm Stand Collection comes with a color palate with the likes of Blue Potato, Leek, Aubergine and Rhubarb. Not to mention a fragrance that really does capture the freshness of the farmer’s market. At the event they showcased the colors through makeovers and manicures and gave samples of the Farm Stand scent. The Farm Stand beauty inspirations were joined by other trending themes, including: Galactic, Transparent and New-Trals. It’s exciting to learn that natural elements such as this are beginning to inspire beauty and we look forward to seeing how this translates in the seasons to come.

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