To Cleanse or Not To Cleanse

by Nick Livermore

The changing of the seasons – particularly going from a balmy NYC summer to a suddenly brisk fall–presents the perfect time t0 renew the body. There are few better ways to go about resetting the body than by putting yourself through a cleanse or detox period. Twice a year I try to spend a week focusing on my diet, steering clear of processed junk and booze. But let’s be honest, it’s more a vanity thing as the thought of wearing a bathing suit in public is really quite daunting around April. This season was different.

With the HUGE number of detox and cleanse products now available – both online and in stores – I figured I should give one a try. The good folks at Joulebody were kind enough to let me try their 3-Day cleanse and were more than confident I would be happy with the results! No sooner had I confirmed with them, there was a really speedy and friendly delivery man at the eco18 office with a bag containing three days of goods. One days’ worth of food was as follows:

9AM RAW Green leafy vegetable, berry, lemon, Joulecleanse, water, apple/grape/watermelon, apple

12PM SQUASH MUNG BEAN & CLEAN PESTO Spinach, lemon, mushroom, cider, cayenne basil, salt

3PM GREEN Green leafy vegetables, water, chlorophyll, Joulecleanse, apple/grapes

5PM CITRUS Lemon/Grapefruit, water, maple syrup, cayenne, Joulecleanse brewed

7PM  ROOT GINGER Carrots, lentil, ginger, herbs, Potassium Broth, salt, garlic, parsly

8PM BAR Maple, ginger or/cacao, chia, Joulecleanse, raw sugar, buckwheat

So, let’s cut to the chase…how was it? Were you happy with the results? Here’s your answers.

  • The cleanse really illustrated to me just how much I eat every day. In retrospect, not only were most of my meal portions way too big, but I was eating way too many processed foods – especially those in between meal snacks.
  • I really appreciated that the Joulebody contained everything I needed for the duration of the cleanse. The snack bars were a tasty and filling addition.
  • Lunch on Day Two of the Joulebody cleanse I was introduced to an entirely new dish that I now eat weekly: North African Kale Soup. Recipe here, but I can’t guarantee it will be as delicious.
  • If I said that I wasn’t hungry while doing the cleanse, that would be a lie. My friends definitely noticed that I was a little grumpy.
  • The diet is a little restrictive and I had to cancel some plans to avert the chances of me breaking down and eating chips and guacamole somewhere! This did grant me some time to do some general housekeeping and think about the process in which my body was undergoing.

All in all, it was an experience that I would happily to do again. It was at first a shock to my body, which usually consumes caffeine, sugar and hollow carbs quite frequently. Once I got used to it and focused on the fact that I was literally cleansing my body of toxins and bad habits, I really enjoyed it. Since finishing the cleanse, I have been able to maintain a close attention to what I eat on a daily basis and have definitely made some healthier choices as a result.

Thanks to Joulebody for the chance to try their cleanse, which is something I will definitely be doing again come Spring! Click here to learn everything you ever wanted to know about cleansing here.

Have you tried a detox or cleanse? Let us know which one and how your experience was below!

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