Synergy Efforts to Ease Health Issues

by Beth Hurtubise

I sat down and talked to Daniel Naistadt, Chief Marketing Officer of The Synergy Company, to discuss the company’s ongoing efforts to aid the people and economic development in Japan after the country’s recent devastating tsunami and resulting nuclear disaster. In partnership with Synergy Japan, The Synergy Company donated over $1.6 million worth of its Pure Synergy product to those closest to and most affected by the nuclear disaster in Fukushima. Their efforts are far from over, but here is what Daniel had to say about them so far.

Eco18: How has your Japanese partner been positively impacted by The Synergy Companies’ donation to the people in Japan?

Daniel Naistadt: It’s been a shot in the arm for their business in a time of economic distress throughout the rest of the country. The largest impact has come from their ability to reach out and attract new customers with both the Together We Care campaign publicity and the fact that the donated product can be sold directly to consumers at a discount. While many other companies are reeling from the effects of this natural disaster, Synergy Japan is out in front and has gained a wave of new customers discovering Pure Synergy®. Just as importantly, past customers are better able to afford the Pure Synergy product because of the substantial discount. Plus, significant proceeds from these sales are being donated to the Japanese Red Cross to support their humanitarian aid efforts in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami.

Eco18: How many people do you think have received direct donations of Pure Synergy?

DN: Our team of volunteers has been delivering product to hundreds of workers in the heart of the nuclear clean-up as well as to hundreds of other civilians living on the perimeter of the evacuation zones. Pure Synergy has been a welcomed health support for those experiencing excessive stress from the recent disaster.

Eco18: Do you think this will have a long-term benefit to help business recover in Japan?

DN: Yes, there will be multiple benefits. The donation efforts are not being facilitated by Synergy Japan alone, but also in partnership with their large retail distribution partners. These retailers are advertising Pure Synergy as part of the Together We Care campaign and selling it at the same largely discounted rate, forgoing their profits and donating significant proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross. By doing so, they have created a lot of positive press and goodwill so that people are developing good, warm feelings about The Synergy Company. This project is ultimately strengthening the relationship Synergy Japan has with its retail partners as well as the relationship they have with their individual consumers. This type of generosity and care from a company during a crisis of this magnitude will produce substantial benefits far into the future.

Eco18: How does the The Synergy Company (in the US) view the developments? Have they been surprising and is there a benefit for your company overall?

DN: The results of our efforts so far have been very gratifying. What has been most rewarding is the positive feedback from our partners at Synergy Japan as well as their customers, thanking us for putting this program together.

We’re also learning that generosity is good for business. Not only have none of our long-term product contracts with Japan been interrupted in the wake of their national disaster, but there have actually been requests to move up the dates for future shipments and increase quantities due to intensified product demand. Although, as one would expect, consumer spending overall in Japan has slowed dramatically, this trend has clearly not affected Synergy Japan, largely due to their impressive efforts to reach out and help during a time of national crisis.

Overall, what has dawned on us is the positive impact of giving, particularly in a way that’s a bit unconventional. Some companies may see it as risky to give away their “flagship” product in a highly publicized situation such as this—with concerns about devaluing their product and company name or being able to trust that their partners are truly committing to the agreed upon donations. There are various places along the chain where things could break down. But because of our amazing, genuine relationship with Synergy Japan and their trusted, ongoing retailer partnerships, an effort such as this has not only been possible, but has been accomplished seamlessly with grace and integrity. This is the perfect example of how a chain of mutual trust can create a positive ripple effect for many people.

Eco18: What retail opportunities have come out of the efforts in Japan?

DN: These opportunities have been much more focused in Japan than in the US. Synergy Japan’s retail distributers have wholeheartedly embraced the Together We Care campaign and are not only honoring the agreed upon discount of Pure Synergy product, but are happily making significant donations from their profits to support the humanitarian aid efforts of the Japanese Red Cross. Three of Synergy Japan’s largest retail partners —Natural House, Prema, and Cosme Kitchen—are in turn experiencing the benefits of their goodwill, with increased sales of Synergy products and bolstered company image.

Eco18: How much Pure Synergy product has been sold at a large discount to existing and new customers in Japan?

DN: I don’t have the exact figures, but approximately 80% of the Pure Synergy product we’ve donated has been sold at a discounted rate. And 20% of the donation has been given directly to those closest to the nuclear plant—both workers and residents.

Eco18: All of the profits earned from the sale of the donated Pure Synergy product go directly to the Japanese Red Cross, correct?

DN: Significant proceeds from each sale of Pure Synergy go directly to the Japanese Red Cross to aid in their humanitarian aid efforts for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

Eco18: What has The Synergy Company taken away from these efforts? What have you learned?

DN: This has been a terrifically uplifting experience for all of our employees, as well as for the people we do business with. We have a newsletter being released shortly that will share the entire story with our customers and fans around the world. We’re looking forward to hearing their feedback. This entire campaign has created positive waves of goodwill and has boosted morale significantly. It has helped people lift their gaze from day-to-day struggles and made them feel as though part of their energy and effort is making a significant impact on other folks in need.

Eco18: Anything else that’s new and interesting that you want to share?

DN: It’s just been wonderful knowing that we’re getting our Pure Synergy Superfood into the hands of those who need it most.  This product has the advantage of being an extremely powerful “adaptogen.” This means that it can help your body better adapt to—or cope with– the physical, mental and emotional challenges that your body faces, whether during everyday life or during a crisis of a greater magnitude such as what has happened in Japan. It is hard for us to imagine how this disaster has affected the brave people of Japan, on so many different levels. If there is anything we can do to relieve some of their distress, then we are more than happy to be able to help!

For more information on The Synergy Company and their Together We Care program, visit their website or comment below and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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