Sustaining Beauty

by Dennis Machicao

The beauty industry is being forced more and more to meet the expectations and demands of its consumers to package their products in more environmentally compatible containers.

Although many companies have already addressed the environmental packaging issue, especially those products that are of a natural vain and sold in health food stores, the more traditional beauty and fragrance industry whose products have a more mass market appeal have lagged in using packaging that is more “green” in nature.

It is not an easy change over as is in other categories such as food and drink where flexible packaging can be used.  The beauty and fragrance products distributed in their markets depend more on look, feel, and functionality of their packaging to maintain sales and thus cater to their consumers’ enjoyment and satisfaction of their products.

Higher end skincare with more advanced formulations can require more protection to maintain its integrity thus requiring additional layers of packaging.  You just have to look at fragrance products’ TV ads to see how highly decorated they are to appeal to their consumers’ senses.  All of these factors do not necessarily evoke an environmentally friendly package.

But companies are recognizing the importance of using sustainable materials and streamlining their production methods to address the issue.  They are looking for the right mix of  “sex” appeal, sustainability, and recycling of packaging along with maintaining cost of goods.

More environmentally aware companies with niche products have sparked the attention of these beauty and fragrance corporations making them aware that they have to change their corporate philosophy.

They have to maintain the perception that their skincare is the most advanced on the market; their fragrance will evoke attention, and all the while have packaging that evokes their products’ attributes and appeals to the consumer’s impulse buying senses.  And at the same time be sustainable and maintain cost of goods. Not an easy task for these companies.

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