Sustainable Tequila

by Guest Writer


One of our favorite holidays is a few days away!  I mean who doesn’t love margaritas and guacamole, right? The only thing that can make your Cinco De Mayo celebration a little better is drinking your cocktail with sustainably made tequila. Since we figured that you might be celebrating, we wanted to provide you a list of the best sustainable tequila. Just like our food, we think drinking organic alcohol that is made responsibility by not harming our environment is important. Here are our favorites:

1. Tequila Alquimia

A family owned company that believes in using only organic ingredients to make their tequila. Alquima has been promoting sustainable farming and great working conditions for more than 20 years. They’ve been voted best tequila in the world – so they must be doing something right!

2. Tequila Tierras

Tierras is the first certified organic tequila – from farming to packaging, Tequila Tierras believes in keeping the entire process sustainable. For 5 generations, Tequila Tierras has made a rich and delicious tequila that will make you never want to anything else again.

3. Olmeca Altos

Olmeca Altos Tequila offers the smooth taste and hand-crafted cocktail that so many consumers look for. Authentically crafted in Los Altos, Mexico with blue agave with 98% of all organic waste from production composted and reused to grow the next generation of agave.

4.  123 Tequila Anejo

USDA approved – this organic tequila uses renewable resources and farms without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Each bottle is hand numbered and crafted from recycled glass and labeled with recycled paper and natural soy links. Pretty cool, right?!


Happy Cinco De Mayo from our team!

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