Rub-a-dub-dub All-Natural-Suds for the Tub

by Leesa Raab

As a kid, I was the girl who was throwing spa-party sleepovers where I made all of my friends bring over their favorite shower gels, lotions, face masks and other varying beauty products, so we could all try them. And even as an adult, I’m always surveying friends about what they use and looking for new products to try. So over the years I’ve tried A LOT of different body washes and bath care products. More recently, I’ve taken a specific interest in making sure that my shower products are all-natural and paraben-free. With that, I was especially excited to learn about some new, all-natural body washes that have recently hit the market.


NouriShea – An all-natural beauty line made of organic shea butter and all-natural essential oils. The Mango scent of the body wash made me swoon as it left a nice, light scent. The body wash suds up quite a bit, leaving you feeling squeaky clean. Also, thanks to the star ingredient, the organic shea butter, my skin felt extra smooth and more moisturized than it usually does right out of the shower. They also offer body wash in Tea Tree, Lavender (original) and Sandalwood scents, in case Mango isn’t your thing. NouriShea is available on their website,, as well as and retails for $22 for a 22oz bottle.


Beecology – Move over Burt’s Bees, Beecology is a new honey-based-beauty line that has emerged on to the market. The line, made from a family of beekeepers in Cleveland, Ohio, is made with high-quality, eco-friendly, all natural and renewable ingredients. The body wash comes in Lavender with Bergamot, Grapefruit & Lemongrass (my favorite!) and Peppermint & Honey scents—and each includes virgin hemp oil and aloe. The body wash, on a loofah provides nice, fluffy suds and leaves the skin feeling silky and soft. And if that isn’t enough, Beecology donates 10% of their profits to a charity of the consumer’s choice. After each purchase, customers are encouraged to log on to, enter the code on the bottle and select which charity they’d like to support. The line is available at local farmer’s markets and boutique retail outlets in Ohio, Michigan, Colorado and New York, as well as available online at and retails for $8.99 for an 8oz bottle.


Shhh. – No, I’m not telling you to be quiet, I’m talking about a new grooming bar that is to be used for shampooing, showering and shaving—all in one! I won’t lie, when I was first approached with the idea of trying a three-way in the shower, I was a little unsure. It seemed more of a man’s approach to showering to use one product for all washing needs, but I was willing to give it a go. Using it as a body wash was easy enough, I often use bars for cleansing anyway. Also, for shaving, I’ve been known to use soap for shaving, so this was on par with that, and definitely left my legs feeling silky smooth. Now washing the hair, that’s where I was unsure. To my surprise, it really did suds up, and while it may not be my daily shampoo of choice, it did get my hair clean and it looked and styled the same as any other day. Available in citrus and lavender scents, the beauty and grooming bar contains a blend of plant-based ingredients and is free of synthetics, preservatives and artificial fragrance. Everything about Shhh, from design to packaging, is committed to sustainability. Shhh is available at and retails for $17 for a 6oz bar and $5 for a 1.5oz bar.

Now if only I had these products for my spa parties back in the day—but now at least I can share these new finds with all of you. Be sure to try them out for yourself and let me know what you think.

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