Oral Care Tips for Dental Hygiene Month

by Leesa Raab

October is National Dental Hygiene Month, serving as an opportunity to help educate people about the importance of proper oral hygiene to maintain good oral health. While everyone knows the significance of brushing teeth daily, there are still 92% of adults ages 20-64 who suffer from tooth decay, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. Even still, roughly half of adult men and women do not brush their teeth twice per day.

Salese, a sugar free and alcohol free soft lozenge designed to provide long lasting dry mouth relief, has teamed up with Dental Hygienist and RDH Magazine contributor Lory Laughter to give tips for optimum care in order to maintain good oral health. According to Laughter, there are five important tips to remember when it comes to oral hygiene including:

1.    Brush and floss daily– This is the easiest preventative measure we can take every day to help protect our teeth and gums. Brush your teeth twice per day for two minutes and floss once per day. This will help remove plaque, a sticky substance which contains bacteria, from your teeth and gums. This bacteria can break down tooth enamel and eventually lead to cavities.

2.    Replace your toothbrush every three months – After three months the toothbrush wears down and it becomes less effective at cleaning your teeth and removing plaque. You should also always replace your toothbrush after you’ve had a cold, flu or oral infection to protect yourself from the bacteria lingering in your toothbrush. I recommend going with a soft bristle toothbrush especially for people with sensitive gums. If you have a powered toothbrush (my favorite is the Sonicare) you should replace the toothbrush heads every three months as well.

3.    Don’t ignore dry mouth – Occasional dry mouth is normal, but 25% of the U.S. population and 40% of the 60+ population suffers from dry mouth on a regular basis. Saliva plays an important role in keeping your mouth moisturized and clean, and without it, tooth decay, gingivitis and other oral infections may develop. Salese Lozenges can offer one hour of more of dry mouth relief by utilizing Nuvora’s patented SuRe™ (Sustained Release) drug delivery technology while also killing bacteria and eliminating germs that cause bad breath.

4.  Get to the root of your bad breath. Bad breath isn’t just embarrassing, it could also be telling you something more about your overall health. Gum disease, tooth decay, diabetes and dry mouth can all cause bad breath, or halitosis. It could also be a result to not brushing your teeth long enough or you may be forgetting to clean your tongue. Drinking plenty of water to and using Salese Lozenges to keep your mouth moisturized and to kill germs will help relieve bad breath.

5.    Visit your dentist at least twice a year. Your bi-annual trips to the dentist are important! During this time you will get an overall check up and professional cleaning that will help remove plaque that you weren’t able to clean from your teeth and gums. It’s also important to always keep your dentist in the loop of any changes to your overall health including illness and chronic conditions that may be linked to oral health. For instance diabetes, HIV and Sjogren’s syndrome can all effect oral health, causing infection and dry mouth.


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