New Workouts of 2016

by April Donelson

New year, new workout. If you’re the type of person that gets bored at the gym, these workouts will be a hit!


1.Throwback Fitness

T.b.t. to the golden days of kickball at recess and water-gun fights to cool off in the summer. For those you of you who need to redeem themselves from losing tug-of-war on field day, this workout class is for you! The classes Throwback fitness offer are all about remembering your childhood days and getting a sweat worthy workout at the same time!



2.Surfset New York City

Missing the waves in the midst of winter? This workout class involves a surfboard, determination and a lot of coordination. The only downfall? Waves aren’t included. Surf’s up!




This workout is all about feeling the beat! With drumsticks in hand, the class works your muscles and rhythm while giving you an intense workout.


What new workouts are you trying this year?

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