Lazy Day: Our favorite lazy hobbies

by Guest Writer

After all the hard work you’ve put in this summer, you deserve some time off. Why not relax and enjoy Lazy Day? We went around and asked our team what their favorite lazy day hobbies were. What are yours?

Sue- Founder

I have several favorite ways to relax depending on where I am and what kind of mood I’m in. It’s hard for me to stay still, so often I can relax when I’m doing something different than my normal daily activities. When I’m traveling, particularly on a plane, I love to read – a real book – not on a tablet. I find this super relaxing and have been know to read a book cover to cover on a long distance flight! Cooking too relaxes me, especially if it’s just for the pleasure of it. I love to do things by hand, like chopping all the veggies, making pastry, etc. The tactile experience is very soothing. And watching the comings and goings of all the birds when I’m sitting my deck in the mountains, is such a night and day difference from my busy city life, that it immediately relaxes me.

Trini- Fashion Editor 

– Turning my sofa into sofa bed

– Wearing leggings,  XL T-shirts and no make up

– Buying groceries at Whole Foods

– Watching at least 2 movies with a blanket, food, tea and beer (weird mix but it’s gonna be a long day)

– Sheet Masks are optional 🙂

Shauna- Editor

– Staying in bed, only leaving to refill my cup of coffee

– Cooking a hearty meal

– Watching movies

– Watching the sunset from the roof

– Going on a walk (I get stir crazy)

– Ending the day with a bubble bath

Jillian- Beauty Editor

– Napping on the couch

– Catching up on my DVR

– Searching for Modern Family/ Sex and the City reruns

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