How to achieve zero waste with old smartphones?

by Guest Writer

In this ever-growing technological world, an individual repeatedly feels the need to upgrade to a new smartphone. The new devices are more advanced and equipped with extensive features to perform multiple tasks for the consumers. Therefore, it is more feasible for the users, and it helps them accomplish different tasks more conveniently.

However, people often face confusion while dealing with their old smartphones once they have upgraded. Many of them are not font to make the extra effort of reselling or recycling them. Nonetheless, selling a mobile requires minimal effort. 

It is also a social responsibility to cut down on your e-waste by appropriately getting rid of your used electronics.

The significance of smartphone recycling and reusing

We come across new models of smartphones every other day as tons of smartphone companies continue to launch new products into the market. As much as it benefits the consumers, it also causes significant inconvenience for the environment. The older smartphones that are just left unattended in your drawers and cupboards are a major contributor to e-waste. 

This is why selling your older smartphones is much more practical than you might think. A high percentage of people are still unfamiliar with the concept of e-waste. Therefore, there is a sheer urgency to raise awareness for the very idea and let people know that e-waste is a huge threat to the sustainability of the environment. 

Electronics that go to waste usually end up in a landfill, and they prove to be really hurting the environment. E-waste can lead to many harmful diseases in the region, as it releases toxic substances into the atmosphere. However, if people resell their mobile phones or recycle them properly, they can minimize a great portion of this e-waste.

Getting the best price for your used smartphone

Mobile phone users must understand that there is a market for used smartphones in almost every corner of the world. Among electronic devices and materials, mobile phones have the highest recycling and reselling ratio. One can receive a considerable amount upon selling his used smartphones, which is a far better option than throwing them to waste. 

There is also a solid online market for used electronics that facilitates anyone looking to sell their old smartphones. People can receive cash on the spot once they finalize the deal. People can explore different markets and online websites to find the most suitable rate for their cell phones. 

There are plenty of recyclers online and in physical stores where consumers can dispose of their phones in return for a respectable amount. However, the users need to opt for a distinguished and well-reputed recycling agency. These agencies should go through proper recycling channels to deal with the electronic products, as improper recycling can have an even adverse impact on the environment and the overall human health.

How does improper recycling add to the misery of the environment?

People who dispose of their mobile phones in unattended facilities and landfills endanger the environment. Many people strip the mobile to access the valuable metal inside it, and they do not follow any set rules or guidelines for the recycling process. As a result, they expose themselves and the environment to toxic fumes of mercury, nickel, cobalt, and cadmium contained within these devices. 

These fumes can end up in the air or any water facility and intoxicate the whole locality or community. It is not a risk worth taking, and therefore, people owe this to society to protect the environment from any long-term hazardous impact.

A more economically sustainable approach

Selling your used mobile phone is also a more innovative way to make extra bucks and pitch in for your next, more advanced gadget. It will help you to upgrade without putting yourself through any financial constraints. As a result, you will not only give back to society in a way but also find something for yourself in it.

Many companies and buyers can pay you a good amount of money for your old mobile, easily and relatively quickly. Consider selling or recycling your old smartphone for several reasons. Hence, there is no logical explanation behind keeping your mobile phones in your drawers and adding on to the total e-waste of the globe. It may be one of those initial steps that help you improve yourself for the better and give back to the environment in which you live.

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