Hollywood’s Hottest Eco-Friendly Hunks

by April Donelson

In honor of National Men’s Health Month this June we wanted to give a shot-out to a few of our favorite Hollywood actors and musicians who are both incredibly handsome and eco-friendly!!

Brad Pitt –In addition to everything else amazing that Brad and his philanthropic wife do, years ago he actually donated $5million of his own money to the Make It Right Organization, an adopt-a-green-home campaign that helped restore homes after Hurricane Katrina.

Leonardo Dicaprio- In 2007 Leo released The 11th Hour and eco-documentary on the state of the natural environment that he coproduced, wrote and narrated about the human impact on the environment.

Adrian Grenier- Adrian created the show Alter Eco back in 2008 that was a eco lifestyle and makeover series. He also created a Kickstarter to help raise money to find the elusive ’52 Hertz’ whale and fight Ocean Noise Pollution.

John Mayer- He may not have a ton of time on his hands being one of the most popular musicians in the world, but he did created the brand AKOG (Another Kind of Green) that was made from the belief that small steps toward environmental sustainability can effect widespread change. This organization has been a part of his world tours since 2007.

Tobey Maguire- A vegetarian for 14 year’s this hottie truly is a superhero since he has banned all leather products from his home…meaning if your visiting the Maguire household you leave your belt, shoes and even that fancy Birkin outside the door!

Pharrell Williams- Pharrell is keeping everyone, especially us eco-friendly people “Happy” with his new eco-friendly clothing line for G-Star. All of the fabrics are made from recycled plastic bottles found floating in the sea…and of course are incredibly stylish just like Pharrell.

Jon Bon Jovi- This hot rock star started the Jon’s Soul Foundation in 2006, this organization supports affordable green housing in urban areas and helps combat other issues that force families and individuals into economic despair.

Matt Damon-Partnered up with CamelBak water bottles to launch a eco-friendly water bottle that also gives back to Water.org in efforts to help provide clean water to one billion people around the world.

Justin Timberlake-If you’re a JT fan you know he lovesss golfing!! So of course he built an eco-friendly golf course in his home state of Tennessee.

Ian Somerhalder- A man that loves animals and has beautiful smoldering blue eyes is always a heart melter. Ian’s amazing charity the Ian Somerhalder Foundation aims to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and all the animals that live in it! The foundation does everything from create awareness of deforestation, support no-kill shelters, aid in ending animal cruelty and more.

Jack Johnson-This surfer turned singer is very well known for being incredibly eco-friendly, he even donated 100% of the profits from two of his tours to various charities that support the environment.

Orlando Bloom-Not only is Orlando a UNICEF ambassador in Nepal where he worked on purifying water for local communities, he also made his London home completely eco-friendly.

Jason Mraz- Have to give a shot-out to one of my favorite singers who actually grows the best vegetable in the world! Jason bought his own ranch back in 2004 just for relaxing and getting away from the limelight…he randomly started farming his own avocados and bamm…now he’s selling them to Chipotle!!

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