Green your fitness routine

by Guest Writer

Let’s face it, gym memberships aren’t cheap and they aren’t necessarily eco-friendly.

I remember being in college and talking to a group of classmates about workout schedules. We went around in a circle talking about gym memberships and which local gyms we all went to. When the question reached me, I was embarrassed to admit that my gym was simply outside.

“How do you workout if you don’t go to the gym?” asked one of the girls. I had never felt more out of shape in my life. Not because I didn’t exercise, but because I didn’t go to a gym every day. When my birthday came around the corner, the first thing I asked for was a year long gym membership.

Two months in I came to a big realization. I hated going to the gym.

Working out shouldn’t be a dreadful part of your day. Part of exercise is finding the fun in it and feeling good on the inside and out! We here at eco18 are big advocates on getting fit in an eco-friendly way. The first step: get outside.

Here are a few of our favorite eco-friendly workouts:


Did you know that running on a treadmill can cause more damage to your joints than running outside? Plus, running outside provides a greater workout with natural inclines and declines, rather than running on a flat rotating belt. The only energy being used will be your own, not the treadmills.

Stairs and hills:

Running or walking stairs/hills is great cardio! Head to a local park or football field and run bleacher miles (cue high school cheerleading practice flashbacks.) Try alternating stair routines of running with high knees up/down one flight then walking and skipping one step at a time on your next flight. Trust me, you will feel the burn fast! Take that, stairmaster.

Live by the beach?

The beach is a workout in and of itself. Try doing a mini triathlon style workout. Bike to the beach, run a distance, then swim the distance back. By the time you get back to your bike you might want to walk home instead of bike, but either way you’ll be cutting your carbon footprint by not taking your car!

Live in the mountains?

Hiking is such a great workout. If you’re not into trail running, try going for short daily hikes and long weekend hikes. The inclines and declines are a great workout for your legs walking or running! A biking routine will also do wonders.

Live in an urban area?

It’s all about the wheels. Skateboarding and rollerblading might make you feel silly at first if you’re not a regular skater, but the difficulty is no joke! Not only are both of these great workouts, but they will work your brain and coordination daily.


The point of greening your fitness routine is not only to reduce your carbon footprint and use less energy, but to spend more time outdoors. Enjoy your workout by breathing fresh air and connecting with nature on a different level.


What’s your favorite way to green your workout routine? We’d love to try something new!


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