Great rivers of the world

by Alux Loyola

There are many rivers across the globe. Our rivers are essential to our survival but have become polluted by industry and civilization in general. Specifically the Ganges, The Yangtze and the Indus are the most polluted. Its important to note many major cites are located on our river banks. We decided to feature 5 of the largest and share some facts about each of them.


Location: Africa

Approximate length: 4,132 miles

River Fact: The land around the Nile is extremely fertile due to silt deposits. The Nile is the largest in the river in the world.



Location: South America

Approximate length: 3,976 miles

River Fact: The Amazon is the largest river in the world by volume. It also has over 3,000 recognized species of fish.



Location: China

Approximate length: 3,917 miles

River Fact: Along The Yangtze you can find the Three Gorges Dam, the largest hydro-electric power station in the world.



Location: North America

Approximate length: 3,902 miles

River Fact: At it’s widest point the Mississippi River stetches out over 7 miles.



Location: Asia

Approximate length: 1,628 miles

River Fact: The Ganges is considered a holy river by Hindus but unfortunately suffers from extreme environmental concerns.

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