Music Festival Leaves Damage to Park

by Sofia

Instead of Governors Ball being remembered as the music festival where Axl Rose decided to show up on time, attendees will recall it as “Mud Ball 2013”. Tropical storm Andrea ascended up the east coast with a downpour of rain and heavy winds onto concertgoers this past Friday—the first day of the 3-day event. The storm was severe enough they pushed the Friday headlining act, Kings of Leon, to Saturday and told fans to head home.

This left the hundreds of patrons to return the next day and find the grass that once covered Randall’s Island had turned into an elongated field of ankle-deep mud. The ecological damage to the island will be costly.

Main headliners without a doubt had fans, literally, sticking around longer. Mud conditions proved to be daunting all day Saturday with dancing fans wearing cut-up jean shorts and rain boots. Not only had the grass been completely destroyed at the festival, but also assortments of beer cans, plastic bottles, and random shoes littered the island.

The three-day festival closed on Sunday with the one and only Kanye West rapping to five new songs, one of them titled “I Am God”. His upcoming album “Yeezus” comes out on June 18th, however for the grass on Randall’s Island at the moment there is no recovery date.

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