Fun Ways to Squeeze in Your Workout

by Lauren Verini

With the temperatures warming up, we’re all starting to get the itch to get outside and enjoy the nice weather! The change of season is getting people re-inspired to get active to get in shape for summer. While we all might have good intentions, something always seems to get in the way of a workout, whether it’s a busy schedule, late workdays or the occasional happy hour. Luckily, with the right motivation, there are many ways to squeeze in a workout just about any day of the week.

Below are a few of our favorite ways to get active and stay fit that are easy enough to work into anyone’s busy schedule. The most important thing to remember about your workout is to make it something you enjoy and look forward to – otherwise you’ll come up with any reason to avoid it.

Workout meetings/happy hours

It’s become more and more common here in New York to have a business meeting at SoulCycle or join a friend for a mid-week hot yoga session instead of happy hour. As more people become invested in their health and wellness but have less and less time to workout, people are starting to realize they can consolidate their time. If your one of those people whose company has walking treadmill desks at work – even better!

Join a fun run

Every year it seems more and more fun runs and competitions are popping up. Whether you are a beginner runner or an expert triathlete, looking for some serious competition or just to have some fun – there is literally something for everyone. A few favorites include The Color Run – the original 5k-paint race also known as “the happiest race on earth,” the Zombie Run where you get chased by Zombies and the Tough-Mudder, an intense obstacle race. The best place to start to find a race near your is or

Yoga in the park 

What better a way to spend a beautiful summer day than doing yoga in the park? Just in New York City alone that are tons of outdoor classes to join. Bryant Park for example offers free yoga classes every Tuesday at 10 am and Thursday at 6pm starting May 20. Central Park also offers regular yoga classes for $15 a piece on Saturdays and Sundays at 11am and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm. Many towns across the country hold free yoga sessions in local parks during the summer months, it takes just a bit of research to find one closest to you.

Make your commute active

The great thing about living in a city is you never have to get in a car if you don’t want to and its super easy to commute to work by biking or walking — both eco-friendly options! If you’re a New Yorker, you can rent a Citi Bike for a small cost ($9.95 for 24 hours, $25 for 7 days or just $95 for the year). If you’re in Los Angeles, you can join L.A. Bike Trains where you can ride to work in groups run by Conductors (experienced urban cyclists) for free! Each bike train is different, ranging from a dance party to discovering local plant life, all on your commute to work.

Download an app

The iPhone is the one accessory none of us leave home without anymore. Use it to download fitness apps! There are hundreds of apps designed to serve numerous purposes, whether its to help you count calories, count steps taken or even to help motivate and inspire you to go exercise. A few we’ve heard about recently are Pocket Yoga, for yoga anywhere and anytime, and GymPact, an app that pays you for working out, paid by members who don’t. There are of course staple fitness apps like Map My Fitness, My Fitness Pal and Nike+ that help keep track of miles run as well as difference runs you do.

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