Embracing No Makeup

by Guest Writer

Going makeup free has recently been hitting the red carpet, literally. Celebs like Alicia Keys and Kim Kardashian are embracing their natural beauty and inspiring others to go #makeupfree whenever you want.

Now, we’re not hating on makeup. Trust us, a good smokey eye can make you feel powerful, but we want to place more emphasis on feeling powerful, and beautiful, without the extra glam and glitter.

Let’s do an experiment together.

In many cases, the reason we wear makeup, like foundation and concealer, is to cover up blemishes. With social media, and the work of Photoshop, we’re accustomed to seeing photos of women and men with clear, blemish free skin. When we see that, we might think: why don’t I have skin that’s clear and flawless? To compensate, we cover up our blemishes as much as we can to try and get that “flawless” skin. Instead, let’s start embracing the blemishes! Who cares if you have pimples, dark spots, rosacea, etc. If more and more women and men start embracing their natural skin, and blemishes, the more people will realize that “flawless” skin is rare.

Benefits of going #makeup free:

-Letting your skin breathe

-Saving money on products

-Being more eco-friendly by buying less packaged products

-Clearing your pores

-Letting your skin detox

-So many more!


Let’s take the pledge to go #makeupfree for the month of October! If you don’t want to go the entire month, try a day first. Let one day turn into a several days and see how you feel from then on.


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