Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright

by Nick Livermore

We all have a habit sometimes of getting stuck in a routine. While this is beneficial, say, in terms of getting ready efficiently in the mornings or working through certain problems, it’s easy to incorporate negative habits into our routines, too.

Keeping with this theme, we detail actions where repetition will get you down rather quickly. Take the challenge – try to change up these five aspects of your life and see what different it makes. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Shampoo & Conditioner – Using the same hair products for too long and your hair will stop looking like those TV commercials. Over time, your hair will begin to look greasy and unhealthy again. There’s an easy fix that allows you to keep your favorite suds, though – use someone else’s shampoo and conditioner at least once every 4 washes!

Travel/Commute – There’s nothing that will have you feeling like you are a creature of habit than traveling the same route every single day. Change it up! Leave the house five minutes earlier and take the scenic route. Leave the house ten minutes earlier and go by a neat little coffee shop. Bonus for all the single people out there –  changing your travel routine significantly increases your chances of meeting new people, maybe even a significant other!

Exercise – One of the most fascinating things about the human body, is that it learns and adapts very quickly. Taking that into consideration from an athletic aspect, your body will learn certain movements rather effectively and then plateau. To keep your body in peak shape–both athletically and aesthetically–you have to switch up your workout routine. Try to focus on thinking the more variety, the better off I will be.

Friends – Ever heard the phrase, you are known by the company you keep? You might have the best company in the world, but that’s essentially how you are known! Try going out with different friends or getting introduced to a new peer group. It’s a great way to expand not only your social circle,  but learn new things from people that you don’t see every day.

Learning –  By the time we graduate high school, most of us already know our most effective channel for learning. Whether it be sitting in a lecture, reading a textbook or through taking detailed notes, most of us find what works best. Chances are, this learning curve happened a long time ago and our thought processing and analytical minds have changed since them. Try studying a new way. This is also a great opportunity to pick up a new skill – teach yourself how to cook a new cuisine, play an instrument or learn a new language before you treat yourself to a vacation!

These are just several of an infinite array of ways to make simple changes that can have a large and immediate impact. We would love to hear from you – have you made any recent changes that you want to share?

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