Celebrate National Yoga Month

by Guest Writer

September is National Yoga Month, designed to both educate people about the health benefits of yoga and to inspire a healthy lifestyle. During September, yoga studios and teachers are encouraged to offer free yoga classes and events. Unfortunately, commuting to another location for a workout that can be done right in the home is a little time consuming and thus often avoided. (Not to mention hurtful to the environment if the commute involves driving!) However, not everyone can rally up the motivation or execute an effective workout without an instructor or a group setting. Luckily, in lieu of National Yoga Month, I found a solution to this ongoing and sticky dilemma: Grokker.

Grokker is an online, wellness network that offers expert-led, instructional videos in three key wellness areas: yoga, fitness, and cooking. Users have the option of registering for free or upgrading to Grokker Premium for increased access. Grokker produces the videos in-house and features expert yogis, trainers/fitness instructors, and chefs.

These videos make it possible to find the time to practice personal wellness and to develop new skills in an authentic and enjoyable manner. Explore every kind of yoga workout you can imagine from Vinyasa, Hatha, and Asthanga to yoga for beginners, athletes, and kids! Get fit with ballet, boxing, or boot camp…the list goes on! Or search cooking videos by cuisine or category from baby and toddler food to gluten-free options!

In honor of National Yoga Month, Grokker will offer a special real-time group yoga and fitness class feature. This will allow users to experience the group class feel without the burden of a commute on both the user and the environment! Take advantage of this opportunity and sign up for “Beginner’s Yoga,” “Abs & Core,” or check out the Ashtanga Premium videos lead by renowned yogi and trainer for Grokker.com, Kino MacGregor!

“National Yoga Month is a wonderful time to become inspired by yoga and try something new,” said MacGregor.

“That’s why I’m so happy to be offering my Ashtanga Premium videos as a Grokker Group Class. Grokker is a wonderful wellness service for busy people who want to practice yoga, but can’t always find the time to visit a studio. Not only do the variety of video offerings make it easy to discover what’s right for you, now their Group Classes provide that sense of community that so many of us crave.”

Whether you use Grokker to get better at what you love or are a beginner in any of the fields they have to offer, Grokker is a perfect outlet for these lifestyle changes right within the home. Watch and annotate the videos you love and store them on your profile so you never lose them! Connect with people who share your passions and follow your favorite experts–you can even ask them questions!

Have a happy National Yoga Month and let us know what you think!

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