Boarding Pass and Fresh Produce

by Dennis Machicao

Now you can board a flight and eat your veggies too. Airlines and airports are trying to make your travel experience more palatable by adding new experiences during your visit to the airport.

According to an article in Crain’s, the Jet Blue terminal at JFK Airport in New York is experimenting with a farmer’s market concept where customers can get fresh produce, along with apple pies and other products typically found in a greenmarket.

The experiment will last three days starting on Oct. 29. Once passengers pass through security, they will be able to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, homemade jams, honey, peach relish and the all American apple pie.

Jet Blue has partnered with GrowNYC, which operates the city’s greenmarkets to bring the farmer’s market experience before you board your flight. Jet Blue’s sustainability program, headed by Sophia Mendelsohn, that initiated this venture.

This pop-up store will even have cooking demonstrations along with educational initiatives where passengers can learn about composting and other sustainable practices. The airline initiated the program by collecting in binds unused food from its terminal restaurants and taking them to a composting facility where it is turned into fertilizer and soil for local farms according to Crain’s.

Hopefully this will be a successful trail period that will make the greenmarket a permanent fixture at Jet Blue and give inspiration to other airlines and airports to offer the same greenmarket experience to its passengers. What a concept, eating fresh nutritious food while flying. Now if they could only do something about those luggage fees.

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