Gadgets to Make Cooking Even Better

by Nick Livermore

Know when you have just too much chopping to do or just can’t seem to keep herbs alive? There are genuine kitchen problems that you can easily avoid. We’ve picked out our favorite kitchen gadgets that will save you time, energy and make you a better chef!

Santoku Knife
Step one is a good knife. The best knife for cutting anything is a thin, sharp, well-weighted and versatile Santoku knife. Did we mention that it’s sharp. This is a chef’s best friend and owners are instant fans.
Veggie Chopper
We like this one for herbs. Simply throw in a blend of fresh herbs, give it a spin and you have a perfect herb blend.
Herb Saver
Speaking of herbs, this is what you need. At first, I was very skeptical of these ridiculous looking tubes, but when my organic basil lasted for two weeks- and looked better than when I bought it- I was sold. Buy three.
Silicone Basting Brush
“Why pay more for this? Mine works just fine,” you may ask. But you are wrong. This one has a longer handle (no hand burns) and a silicone brush (no residue from last week’s ribs).
This one’s mainly for the tipplers amongst us. Summer may be winding down but that’s no reason to put away those cocktail glasses. Try muddling a lime with brown sugar and rum, or basil (from your Herb Saver), cucumber and lime with some gin, shake it with some ice and you have yourself a fine beverage. The rough bottom of this one really gets the most out of your ingredients.
Mason Jars
Save all your jars, or if you have to, buy a few. Muddle your fresh herbs and add olive oil. Make salad dressing in them. Use them as drinking jars. I bought a set at an antique store and use them more than I ever imagined.

What are you favorite kitchen gadgets? Let us know in the comments below!

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