8 Practical Ways To Bring Wellness and Sustainability Into Any Workplace

by Guest Writer

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This article was guest written by Jean Deruiter.

Wellness and sustainability are great values to prioritize in the workplace. Not only will you help save the environment, but you are ensuring your employee’s wellbeing.

That said, we have listed 8 practical ways to bring wellness and sustainability into any workplace.

Place Some Plants in Your Cubicle

Adding more greeneries into the workplace is an excellent way to be more sustainable in the office.

What’s great about adding some plants in your cubicle is that it adds a pleasant pop of color to look at and be near to. It is a significant decorative element, but that is not all it can do.

If you have plenty of plants in the office, they can help improve indoor air quality. This is ideal since we are well aware of how outdoor air can be polluted. More so if you are in the city.

Encourage Meditation

Encouraging your employees to practice meditation is an excellent way to ensure employee wellness.

You can also look for mindfulness and meditation apps, talk to employees about them, and encourage them to do it themselves. Of course, having the experience of using these apps can be helpful. That way, you would know what you are recommending.

Meditation and mindfulness exercises are a great way to teach your employees about stress management. It also encourages them to take better care of their mental wellbeing. Hence, it is also beneficial for your business.

Introduce Physical Fitness

Exercise is not the only thing that can help one take care of one’s health. If anything, the food you eat, and your eating habits are what is more vital.

However, that does not mean that one must downplay the benefits that regular exercise can give you. With regular exercise, you are more active, awake, and have more energy for the day.

Exercising can also be an excellent way to reduce some stress levels in your life because of the endorphins that moving your body around can give you.

If you want to encourage exercise in the workplace, you can organize yoga sessions. You can also have a deal with a nearby gym so that employees will have discounts for that gym. It can encourage them to work out more when they know they are getting a bargain deal.

Go Paperless

Going paperless is another way you can be more sustainable in the workplace.

Many companies deal with documents, paperwork, and the like, but you can avoid that by going paperless in this digital age. After all, you can always make a digital alternative to the documents that you create.

Aside from being environmentally friendly, going paperless is also safer. That’s because all that paper, especially in one place, can be a fire hazard. Also, it is much more convenient because you can access digital documents anytime and anywhere, especially if it is saved on the cloud.

Thus, you can always have what you need whenever you need it.

Create a Recycling Program

A recycling program is an excellent way for your company to reduce waste and do something productive. However, not everyone knows how recycling works.

Therefore, before you implement this program, it is good to organize a seminar or training for your employees to understand how to recycle.

By teaching your employees how to recycle first before implementing it, the transition to a recycling program will be a lot easier. At the same time, you can even inspire your employees to know how to recycle even when they are at home.

Conserve Energy Within the Office

The modern workplace constitutes a plethora of electronics and equipment that can make day-to-day operations manageable and efficient. That said, that means one of the things that you will likely spend on is energy bills.

If you want to be sustainable and conserve energy, you should tell people to turn off and unplug any unused office equipment.

Promote Stress Management Strategies

It is inevitable to get stressed at work, but it does not mean you can’t learn to manage it as best as you could. By being open about it with your employees, you can think of different ways to help reduce stress in the office.

Promote many stress management strategies with your employees as best as you could. Doing so can help with everyone’s mental wellness, which contributes to their productivity in the workplace.

Practice Green Cleaning

Maid Sailors NYC Office Cleaning recommends incorporating green cleaning practices into the workplace.

That’s because it is one of the easiest ways you can start to bring the idea of eco-friendliness and sustainability into the workplace. What you need to do to begin is to be more mindful of your cleaning products and tools.

The readily available commercial cleaning products that you might be using contain a lot of toxic ingredients. If it is harmful to you, what more to the environment?

On the other hand, eco-friendly products are often organic and natural. This means that disposing of them properly is like returning the cleaning products to earth.

If you outsource major cleaning tasks, you can ask your service provider if they use eco-friendly products.


Implementing workplace sustainability and wellness can be an excellent investment. That’s because you are helping your employees to manage stress, contributing to their productivity. And when they are productive, your business will thrive.

How do you incorporate wellness and sustainability in the workplace? Let us know in the comments.

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