How to Make Your Home Eco-friendlier with Minimalistic Design

by eco18

With ecological awareness on the rise, having an eco-friendly and minimalistic home is more popular than ever. This article will walk you through areas of your home that you can alter with different minimalist design elements that will ensure you are pursuing a more sustainable lifestyle.


  • The first and most essential part in being more eco-friendly and minimalist is decluttering.
  • Decluttered, organized, and minimalist design even decreases your carbon footprint. Each person on Earth has their own carbon footprint based on how much electricity you use, travel, and things you buy from an outside source that have an effect on the environment.
  • By living a simpler lifestyle with fewer things, you minimize the need for more manufactured goods decreases your carbon footprint.


  • Natural lighting is crucial for your minimalistic design. Not to mention, natural light positively impacts energy consumption. Make sure no windows are covered and keep curtains open because it will bring in warmth which can lower your heating costs.
  • Also, change any light bulbs you have in your home to LED versions. LED light bulbs save energy and lower electric bills significantly.

Open Concept

  • Another popular but eco-friendly minimalistic design element is open concept floor plans.
  • Having an open concept is extremely energy efficient because there are fewer walls to impede on air flow. When a space is completely opened up, there is nothing to block the air circulation which will make the temperature of your home stay consistent.

Green Energy

  • The next area and most effective way to make your home eco-friendlier is investing in green energy sources. Installing a renewable energy source, such as solar energy from solar panels for your home can decrease your energy use significantly as well as your electric bill.
  • While solar panels make an impact on the environment, they can be expensive to attain. However, the government issues incentives to homeowners for installing renewable energy sources. For instance, you can claim the installation cost and get a portion back in the form of a credit.
  • Not to mention, there are many other ways to finance solar panels to achieve a more sustainable home. Start by looking into financing options that the solar panel company offers. If they don’t offer financing or have high interest rates, another flexible option is using a personal loan. When getting a personal loan, you can choose terms that best fit your lifestyle and budget.


  • Not only do plants make a significant impact on the aesthetic of your minimalist design, but plants also purify the air. In fact, having plants in your home acts as a natural air filter for indoor pollutants.
  • With better air quality, you’re able to sleep better, focus more, and improve your overall well-being.
  • To be eco-friendly, cleaning your home’s air with house plants is imperative.
  • When it comes to the topic of plants, you might even think about starting an outdoor garden too.


  • As mentioned above with regards to carbon footprint, every time you buy something, the environment is affected. However, when you buy a home, there are so many essential items you need to survive, even when living with a minimalistic, eco-friendly interior design.
  • With that said, there are many ways you can still be sustainable while living in your home and getting a lot of items at one time. For instance, using recycled items and buying used.
    • Use reclaimed wood
    • Buy used appliances
    • Get antique furniture
    • Recycled glass

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