60 Seconds to Soft Hands for the Holidays

by Guest Writer

Once Halloween wraps up, it’s only a matter of time before the holiday season is in full swing. This means days filled with shopping, decorating and cooler weather. The drop in temperature and weather conditions can sometimes take their revenge out on your hardworking hands. As a victim of chapped and dry hands during the holiday season myself, I have found this 60-second solution can recover your soft hands with 2 simple ingredients – sugar and olive oil.

To start the treatment, pour two tablespoons of sugar into one of your dry hands. Then pour about 2 tablespoons of olive oil on top of the sugar. Once the ingredients are combined, rub the mixture together, in a circular motion all over your hands and forearms. After you have thoroughly massaged the mixture, run your hands under the warm water to get all of the sugar and olive oil off. Dry your hands and then see the difference!

This odd mixture of sugar and olive oil works to exfoliate and moisturize your hands. The sugar granules gently exfoliate the dead skin cells while the olive oil quickly follows to moisturize the new soft skin cells.

Now that you have your soft hands, it’s important that you maintain them. This treatment can be used a few times a week to help keep your hands in tiptop shape. However, a daily ritual you could add to your beauty regimen is applying hand cream on regular basis. This will help to protect your hands from the elements in between treatments.

Hopefully, this at-home hand treatment helps you have the softest handshake in the room during the holiday season. Are there any at home beauty treatments that you regularly use?

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