3 Tips To Encourage Relaxation and Well-Being in Your Room

by eco18

This article is a collaboration with ECOS Paints.

Photo: Architrave 1582 and Creamery White 1526 from ECOS Paints’ Lisa Tharp Colors

Over the past year, bedrooms have turned into our offices and sharable spaces for multiple activities. Now many of us are ready to reclaim this space as the home’s inner sanctuary. This National Clean Your Room Day, use these 3 tips to encourage relaxation and well-being in your bedroom. Award-winning designer Lisa Tharp recently launched a paint collection with ECOS Paints and developed this bedroom décor tips for those ready to change their scenery while promoting rest in the bedroom and adding a stylish touch.

Use the following 3 tips to encourage relaxation and well-being in your bedroom!

  1. Colors can transform any space and should promote rest and relaxation in a bedroom. Lisa Tharp suggests using a tranquil palette that mixes pale neutrals without harsh contrasts. For consumers that need help choosing a color palette, the Lisa Tharp Colors from ECOS Paints features 60 colors presented in curated groups of neutrals and colors to provide a simplified paint selection process.
  • Minimize clutter with thoughtful storage. A fun DIY project is to refinish an old dresser to fit with the bedroom décor. ECOS Paints has a number of eco-friendly stains, varnishes, and primers available for consumers looking to refresh worn dressers. 
  • Add nature to your bedroom. Fresh flowers and plants connect us to nature. Some plants, such as  English Ivy, are excellent for removing toxic chemicals found in the home. Requiring minimal care, English Ivy can grow in full shade to full sun and can survive for several years. A Bamboo Palm or reed palm makes a great houseplant with the added benefit of removing harmful elements such as benzene and formaldehyde. The Peace Lily is known for its ability to fight against toxic gases such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. 

If you are an organized, neat freak like me, you might get motivated to take on a more significant project than your bedroom. Check out our Spring Eco-Friendly Home Makeover for additional tips to make your home a greener space. Enjoy your National Clean Your Room Day!

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