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Good for the Earth, Good for the Soul Hobbies

Everyone enjoys spending his or her downtime with a pleasurable and leisurely activity. However, some of these activities harm the environment. It is time to take up an eco-friendly hobby that both you…


End of Summer: Eco Bucket List

File Credit:http://ilovepith.tumblr.com 1. Choose an eco-friendly DIY. Try at home teeth whitening, floral face wash, recycled tin can lanterns, or my favorite— orange candles! 2. Picnic in the park. A great way to…


What to “Sweat” About in Hot Yoga

File Credit: freeimages.com It’s safe to say that yoga has swept the nation. There are a huge amount of classes offered all around the world. Bikram, ananda, hatha, and hot yoga are just…


The Most Zen Way To Start Your Day

Your typical morning includes hitting snooze two or three times, gulping a tall, steaming mug of caffeine before running out of the house, and slogging through an exhausting commute only so you can…


Fun Ways to Squeeze in Your Workout This Summer

With the temperatures warming up, we’re all starting to get the itch to get outside and enjoy the nice weather! The change of season is getting people re-inspired to get active to get…

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Get Fit in 2013 with Eco-Friendly Workout Gear that’s Healthy for the Planet

Lose weight and become more environmentally conscious: two common resolutions people make at the dawning of a new year. Why not make your resolution a little easier to fulfill by combining the two?…


Green Love: Finding Your Eco-Friendly Match on the Internet

Thanks to the Internet, love can now be found at first click (or so we hope!). And, these days, you can skip the Match.com’s and eHarmony’s of the world, and find a person…


5 Eco-Friendly (and Affordable!) Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your List

For a greener holiday season, we’ve been on the lookout for eco-friendly stocking stuffers that are good for the planet- and easy on your wallet! For the Techie: Chances are, there’s more than…


Home Practice With Baby Part II

Home Practice With Baby Part II The fun of yoga with baby continues! Try these poses to build some strength and increase flexibility. As always, squeeze, giggle, and tickle your baby to make…


Home Practice with Baby Part I

Home Practice with Baby Part I The endless conflict of motherhood: the need to take care of yourself and the desire to be with your baby, with only limited time to do both….

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