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Getting to Know You, Getting to All About You

With the surprising current events in regard to the normalization of diplomatic relations with Cuba, there is excitement and high anticipation of re-discovering this mysterious communist island just 90 miles off the coast…

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6 Hybrid Cars You Should Consider

With the beginning of a new year, and 2015 is no exception, many of us make resolutions that are kept for a varied degree of time during the year. And if you are…

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Gentleman, Start Your Engines…Quietly

Channel surfing the other day I was very surprised to find a new sport that is very green in relation to the environment. Well it’s not really a new sport but rather a…

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Eat, Fly, and Be Happy

Whether you are a once in a while airline traveler or a genuine road warrior you have surly experienced airport terminal food that, let’s say, is not on the top ten gourmet list….

Cattelya orchid with 3 Brazilian hummingbirds. A painting of the Amazon rain forest by Martin Johnson Heade (1871)

The Amazon

All over the world there are eco-systems that are homes to a wide number of animal and flora species but none are as vast and as versatile as the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. Although…

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What’s in Your Diet?

There have been recent encouraging statistics that show Americans are starting to get it as far as their diets are concerned. There is progress as to the awareness of what foods are good…

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Sustaining Beauty

File Credit: art_es_anna The beauty industry is being forced more and more to meet the expectations and demands of its consumers to package their products in more environmentally compatible containers. Although many companies…, dulhunk

Defend Yourself, Naturally

Now that the Memorial Day weekend has come and gone heralding the unofficial start of summer, its time to start planning all of the activities that you will be doing during these coming…

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A Pigment Of Your Imagination

Spring is in the air and we all are starting to come out of our winter hibernation with anticipation of enjoying the outdoors with long sunny warm days and cool nights.  We are…

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Cheese By Any Other Name

It seems that there is another war brewing with world wide international consequences.  No the Taliban is not acting up again, (still), nor is Russia ready to invade another sovereign country and another…

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