What Does The Color Of Roses Really Mean?

by Lieve Falck-Pedersen

Today is Valentine’s Day and to honor the special day we want to talk Roses with you all. We can all agree that roses hold a strong significance in society but from where did the significance of the red rose come from?

From playing a key role in the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast, to acting as the quintessential symbol of love on Valentines Day, the importance of the red Rose actually originates, like so many other things, from Greek mythology. The story goes that Chloris, the Goddess of Flowers, found the body of a nymph in the forest and was so heartbroken by the fate of the nymph that she took it upon herself to give the creature new life by turning her into a flower. Granted beauty by Aphrodite (the Goddess of Love), and gifted with the sweet smell of wine and nectar by Dionysus (the God of Wine), the name of “Rose” was bestowed upon the flower by Aphrodite, representing her son Eros—the Greek God of Love. The Gods then declared the Rose the most beautiful flower in existence.

Of course, many things have changed since the stories of Greek mythology, yet the symbolism behind the Rose has lived on. While the red Rose maintains its stance as the ultimate depiction of love and romance, the different shades of the classic Rose tell a different tale…

White: The White Rose generally signifies purity, innocence, and youthfulness. White Roses would be perfect for: Weddings, a Child’s birthday.

Pink: The Pink Rose typically represents appreciation or admiration. Pink Roses would be perfect for: Sending with a thank you card, Mothers Day or Fathers Day.

Yellow: The Yellow Rose is a symbol of joy, friendship, caring, and the promise of a new beginning. Yellow Roses would be perfect for: Graduations, sending to friends, sending as a get well present.

Orange: With it’s rich and vibrant coloring, the Orange Rose depicts desire and enthusiasm. Orange Roses would be perfect for: Congratulatory presents, Birthdays, or a symbol of pride.

Black: The Black Rose, unsurprisingly, represents death and farewells. Black Roses would be perfect for: Remembrance days, Halloween.

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