Summer is here and we understand that many of us use these months to recharge and relax. Vacations are definitely a way to do that however, many times we need a vacation from our vacation! In the now age, retreats are the new vacations!  A wellness retreat is the perfect way to recharge our bodies and mind. There are so many types of wellness retreats out there, offering different types of activities, ranging from yoga, meditation, detox, spa to spiritual, self-discovery and couple’s retreats. Here are a few of our favorities! Let us know if you have been to any recently that you love as well.

  1. Canyon Ranch Lenox: This retreat is arguably one of the best in the world. Days at Canyon Ranch revolve around the spa, working out, and a wealth of activities, including cross-country skiing. There are about 50 classes on the roster, along with myriad pools, a full gym, and assorted extras like a ropes course and squash courts.
  2. Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa: Tucked into the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains, Miraval Arizona is a one-stop shop for all things wellness.  The beautiful mountains is the backdrop for a host of activities, including horseback riding, hiking, and botany-focused tours. The spa, with its army of healers, wellness practitioners, and massage therapists—is obviously the main draw. The best part is that all itineraries are customizable.
  3.  The Ashram, Mallorca, Spain: The only advice we have to those seeking to push themselves through the original back-to-basics boot camp? Stick it out. The seven days of crazy-long hikes, intense workouts, and a cleansing, a vegetarian diet will be hard work, but it will also whip you into shape. FYI: This retreat is for intensity not for relaxation.
  4. Rancho La Puerta:  Unlike a hardcore medical spa, the focus of a basic seven-day retreat is on spiritual wellness and gentle de-stressing by way of diet, La Puerta has an organic farm and a cooking school on site, rigorous physical activity, mindful meditation, and a slew of world-class treatments performed at one of three stunning organic spa complexes.