Things to do on earth day

by Guest Writer

Earth Day is coming up at the end of the week and we want everyone to celebrate! Here are a few ways to get involved this Earth Day.


1.Plant a tree. 

What better way to celebrate the Earth, than to plant a tree! Get involved here: Trees of the Future. 

If there are no tree-planting organizations or volunteer groups around your community, try creating your own! Get together a group on Earth Day and plant trees in a park, a yard, anywhere! (if permitted)


2.Create a clean-up group

Get together with a group of friends and family and launch a clean-up mission! Live by the beach? Collect trash for a few hours and share your photos on social media encouraging others to do the same. Live by a park? Collect leftover glass and plastic bottles and bring to your local recycling center.


3. Earth Day 5k Walk and Green Tour

Join the eco18 team and head over to the Earth Day 5k in NYC to get a sneak peek of sustainable sites in the city! The 5k event includes a tour through the Lowline1 Hotel Central Park, an eco-friendly hotel and the Natural Gourmet Institute. The tour also includes peek at the Love Thy Nature, nature documentary.

The purpose of Green Tour Event is to, not only raise awareness and educate tour goers about these eco-friendly sites, but to raise money for the year-round programs of Earth Day Initiative.

If that’s not enough to make you want to get involved, a healthy lunch will also be provided by the Natural Gourmet Institute.

Unfortunately registration for the event has closed, but make sure to follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

4.Bike to work

Did you know that one gallon of gas releases around 20 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere? Cut your carbon footprint by biking, walking or jogging to work for a day! (We understand that’s not possible for everyone.)



The simplest thing you can do this Earth Day is to show your appreciation for the Earth. The more you learn to appreciate it, the more you’ll want to help save it! Spend a few hours outside, without any electronics, and really soak in the nature around you.


Happy Earth Day everyone!

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