SYNEN Synergy Energy Summit

by Guest Writer

Eco18 got the chance to attend the SYNEN Synergy Energy Summit hosted at Solo at 40 Broad Street on Wednesday night. This was the first of a series of events that allows for business professionals from all different sectors to unite under the common theme of environmental sustainability, while enjoying the mouthwatering cuisine of renowned Chef David Burke who was also in attendance. Various companies with similar missions like Olympus Greek yogurt, Juve Maqui Juice and the National Power Grid sponsored the event.  In the words of Chairman Michael Accadi, the purpose of the summit is  “to show that business and energy is created with relation­ships. As a collective we all have the ability and opportunity to create sustainable change in multi­ple markets. This is done with action and influence that creates betterment to the environment and society.”

The event featured a number of speakers who shared their unique experiences and expertise on the subject of integrating sustainable practices into their line of work. The speakers included:

– Steve Baumgartner — Senior Associate at Burohappold who spoke about high performance buildings & sustainability

– Louis Rizzo — Lead Program Manager for Energy Efficiency at National Grid who discussed National Grid Utility energy efficiency programs

– Rakesh Radhakrishnanb — Director of Advisory Services Commodities and Energy at Thomson Reuters who spoke about opportunities for clean energy solutions in global carbon markets

– Jennifer Magee  — Co-founder and CEO of Upworld who spoke about the Upworld online networking platform and its mission

– Jack Accardi — CEO of the Accardi Companies who discussed high efficiency natural gas boiler plants

– Robert Daly — Director of Central Inspections, Boiler Division for the New York City Department of Buildings who conducted a Question and Answer Segment for all of the summit participants


The next event should be coming up later this year. For more information on the SYNEN Synergy Energy Summit Series please visit

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