Microbead Mishap

by Guest Writer

On September 4th, California’s State Senate approved the ban of microbeads.


For those of you who don’t know what microbeads are, take a look in your shower or medicine cabinet. If you have any “exfoliant” products (unless, they’re all-natural or organic exfoliants) or even certain toothpastes, they’re most likely to contain hundreds of these tiny, colorful plastic beads. Those, my friends, are microbeads.


But why are they banning them?

Microbeads, often listed in the ingredient list as “polyethylene and polypropylene,” are minuscule pieces of plastic (ahem…not biodegradable) that are being washed down the drain. Remember the escape plan in Finding Nemo? “All drains lead to the ocean.”

File Credit: memegenerator.net

File Credit: memegenerator.net

While microbeads are small, millions of them are adding up and polluting oceans, lakes and rivers, killing off aquatic plants and wildlife.

Allow this video, courtesy of the 5 Gyres organization, to explain.



Luckily, organizations such as 5 Gyres are raising awareness for what we can do to promote the banning of microbeads!

Sign the petition today to ban microbeads across America!

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