Earth Day 5K Experience: Love Thy Nature Film

by Guest Writer

Last week we had the awesome opportunity to go on the Earth Day 5k tour with Earth Day Initiative throughout Manhattan.

One of the three stops on the tour was to see a preview of Love Thy Nature, and to meet Sylvie Rokab, the director, writer and cinematographer of the film.

The group was greeted warmly by Rokab in a dark move theatre in Manhattan. Rokab gave us a brief description of the film and proceeded to show us the trailer.

Love Thy Nature is a film that shows how humans have lost touch with nature and how we need to gain that connection back. Rokab shapes the film to check in with the viewers’ senses, capturing breathtaking views of landscapes and wildlife across the world, intertwined with detail oriented sounds that make the viewer feel as if they are transported to the outdoors.

The movie, narrated by Liam Neeson, touches base on a separation of humans and nature, rather than seeing them as a whole. This separation, according to the film, has caused a disruption to evolution resulting in extinction, while it also “threatens the survival of the human race.”

One of our favorite details of the film is how Rokab related the human body to nature, to place emphasis on how human and nature should be seen as a whole. During the tour, Rokab discussed how nature works much like human muscles work. There are ways to strengthen muscles and feed them what they need, much like our environment.

If you’re feeling out of touch with nature, we strongly recommend checking out the film. Love Thy Nature can awaken your senses and your connection with nature and inspire you get out there more, as well as do more to sustain our environment.

Check the trailer out here:

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