Today is Eat What You Want Day! Observed annually on May 11, this day is about having one day a year of eating with no regrets.  Whether you love donuts or fast food, today is your day to indulge without feeling guilty.  Greasy hamburgers, pizza, french fries, potato chips, cake, cookies, candy and ice cream are just a few of the things you can enjoy today without remorse.  Decadent food is definitely on the menu today and we can’t wait to indulge in all of it! In honor of the day, we asked our team what they would eat if they could eat anything! Here’s what they said:


I have two food craves that I try not to indulge in too often…both are ladened with cheese (my favorite food!) – Pizza and loaded nachos. When I first came to New York, these were the two things that I first experienced. Neither were readily available in the UK at the time and I thought (and still do) that they were amazing. Perfect combinations of all my favorites things rolled into one!


Being a true New Yorker, there is nothing that compares to a New York pizza. Thin crunchy crust with the right amount of tomato sauce and cheese that gives that stringy effect at first bite. Some say it’s the water that makes that perfect pizza dough, could be since New York water is one of the best in the country. Nevertheless, when you are in New York City, you must have a slice or two to make your taste buds happy.


If I could eat anything it would have to be fried ice cream – I mean is there anything better than fried ice cream?


If I didn’t have to count calories or watch my sugar, I would eat all the vegan ice cream and cupcakes I could find! I have a serious sweet tooth and there is nothing I love more than a dairy-free dessert.


On a day like today, I would eat an entire plate of my favorite cheeses with a french baguette! My faves are Goat, Manchego, and Gouda! Yum!!